Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby II Week 24: It's Not You It's Me

24 weeks! I can't decide how many months that is. I LIKE to think that is 6 months, but it's only 6 lunar months. I can't really say that I have been pregnant for 6 calendar months until January 9th. But you can bet that if anyone asks how far along I am when Eric and I run the 10k on New Years Day I'll be saying 6 months. I'll be close enough, and it sounds so much better than 5 months.

I'm behind this week because our computer got a virus and I can't blog from my phone. I'm blogging from a friend's house. So no belly pics this week but as soon as I can I'll post 24 week pics. Oh wait, I have these pictures from a party this weekend that are on my facebook, here, marvel at my hugeness...

This week I needed to prove to myself that I could actually run a 10k before I go out there and humiliate myself by falling over on the side of the road like a bloated cow. Roadkill Cori. That's kinda catchy actually... if I'm ever a wrestler I'll have to use that. Anyhow I decided to simply try to do the 5k route we did on Thanksgiving twice. It was nice and cool, a little drizzly actually, perfect running weather. I checked the time, left my cell in the car, and took off at a solid pace. I was back at the car in 35 minutes, 3 miles done. I stopped for a pee and took off for another 3. Before this I think the farthest I had ever run was 4.5 miles and that was over 4 years ago. It may have been 5. Anyhow, the trail is divided up nicely in to quarters. A road passes through the middle, then you turn around half way through, pass the road again, then you are done. So I told myself I'd at least make it to the road. Bam, done. Ok now to the end. Success. I touched the fence (like always) and jammed back, very excited to see my time! My left ankle and hip were really screaming for that last chunk but I just kept telling myself that labor will be worse than this and if I can't do this then I can't dream of doing that. It worked. 6.2 miles: Finished. I felt very bad ass.

I quickly went for my key (remote key actually, I left the actual keys in the car) and to my horror, it was not in my pocket. Slow mo freak out as I realized that it had fallen out of my pocket somewhere on the trail. No cell. No one to save me. Just had turn around and find it. I decided to jog because walking would take forever. I jogged about a mile then decided to walk in case I missed it. I should have walked right off because after walking the whole trail I finally found it at the beginning again. So I actually ended up running/jogging 7 miles and walking 2. I was hobbling by the end of it, but I'm still amazed that I could do it. Now I feel like after this pregnancy I should really be able to run a half marathon!

I made good on my promise to workout like crazy to balance the family get togethers and parties this week. Running and kickboxing mainly. Oh I do need to voice my slight annoyance at attending kickboxing and being told by multiple women that "I'm so tiny." I decided that they must just be being nice because I'm clearly not. There's nothing tiny about me right now! I don't like compliments that don't make sense. It's ok for us to talk about how huge I am. I am! I feel like I need to carry a scale around so if anyone dares to call my tiny, I can step on it and they can see the 200 pop up for themselves!

Oh yeah I can't forget that part! Even with all the exercise I still gained another 3 pounds this week, taking me up to the dreaded 200. I'm actually not that upset about it, I feel like I'm doing all I can and my body just needs to gain this much weight apparently. I'm gaining at almost the same rate as last time even with the huge changes I've made in my diet and exercise (ok, diet wasn't spectacular but it wasn't horrible!). So it's just me, and my body. I just wont be one of those women that can boast she only gained 15 pounds. I'm now already up to 11, but can I just add that my thighs still look pretty damn good!

More belly pictures soon!

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  1. You crack me up Cori! I always love your posts. You're doing a great job of staying healthy during this pregnancy, more then most women! You look beautiful in your white dress, don't be too hard on yourself!