Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby II Week 23: Oldies But Goodies.

This week our baby boy became quite the acrobat! He moves around a lot, but very gracefully, if that makes any sense. Milo was a kicker and pretty much spent the last 20 weeks of his womb time trying to bust out. Not baby Ash though. It feels like he's turning over all the time, or just stretching for a bit, then curling back up. I'm having these fantasies of him being a very cuddly baby, but if he comes out wanting to stand up and walk around like Milo did, that's ok too. It's just so fun to try to guess what he will be like!

This week felt very busy, but I don't feel like we got much done. I had daycare Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent out of the house shopping (2 Marshalls, 2 Goodwills, 1 Ross, 1 Salvation Army, 1 random thrift shop, Savers, Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Sears trying to find ugly Christmas sweaters for Eric and I), and Friday I had daycare again plus we put lights on the house and got our tree decorated. What didn't happen was cooking healthy meals at home and working out. We ate out almost every day. Result: 2 pound gain this week. But more importantly, I just didn't feel as great as I had been feeling. With Christmas parties and family get togethers we've been having more sweets (peppermint cheesecake is my new love) and other delicious but not nutritious party food. This week we have 2 family dinners and 2 Christmas parties so I'm going to make sure I at least workout a little every day. I've been sick so I haven't wanted to, but even if it's just walking that's better than nothing! Anyhow, total gains are now up to 8 pounds.

This week I also had to come to terms with the fact that my pre-pregnancy jeans just do not fit. Yes I can button them, but that doesn't make it right. They are so tight, I'm sure if I tried to wear them much longer Ash would be born with a belt mark across his head. So, maternity jeans, we meet again.

Oh and heartburn, my old friend! It's back but not quite as bad as before. Or maybe it's just not as bad because as a women that has carried a watermelon to term, pushed it out of her body, suffered through the healing while breastfeeding a biter, I've learned to cope with a certain level of discomfort. Either way, I'm not popping Pepcids 24/7. Most of the time I just try to power through it.

So it seems my pregnancy is in full swing. All my old faves are back: weight gain, fatigue, maternity jeans, heartburn... it's like a family reunion where you don't like anyone at the party! Whoohoo!

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