Sunday, November 7, 2010

You Can't Bleach Kids Right?

Just when I was thinking I had nothing to blog about today, my little muse does something so disgusting you all must hear about it! This morning both Milo and I needed a shower. I hadn't washed my hair in 3 days (pretty normal for me actually) and Milo had attempted to wash his hair with banana at breakfast. So I decided to kill two dirty birds with one stone and into the shower we both went.

Milo loves tub time, and he just figured out how to put things inside of things so he was busy putting his duck into his new boat, closing the top, then opening the top, and taking the duck out about a billion times. I showered quickly, then de-banana'd his hair. I jumped out so I could quickly dry off and get in my robe before Milo decided he was so over the boat and try to get out himself.

There was maybe an inch or two of water left in the tub since I had opened the drain, but I still kept an eye on Milo as I dried and dressed. I don't even know when it happened. I didn't hear him, he didn't even seem to stop playing for even a moment... the opening and slamming closed of the boat top continued. However, Milo somehow found a moment to commit a stealth poo in the tub. Yes ladies and gentleman, my son pooped in the tub.

I knew this moment would come. I've dealt with baby poo on curtains, in buckets, in carpet, and in hair. If you think newborn poo is crazy... try toddler poo when they can take their show on the road. I knew tub poos would happen, I remember my brother doing it once (I'll let you all guess which one it was). But I was still pretty pleased with my lack of freak out when it finally happened. It was super gross, and I had an overwhelming desire to whip out the Clorox but I didn't... well... not until after Milo was clean and safely out of the tub.

Here's to hoping for no more tub poos, and that Milo never graduates to pool poos.


  1. Olive had an explosive tub poo a few months ago, and I managed to overpower my desire to burn all her tub toys. They all went into a big bucket of diluted bleach for a while, though.

  2. Lol! Classic! We've dealt with many "floaters" around here. Ryan and I call it a "code brown"!

  3. Thats too funny! Luckily, Hailey hasn't blessed us in this way...yet! But it is always on my mind during bath time.