Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby II Week 19: I'll Probably Start Turning Blue Too

I don't believe in dieting on holidays. I'm good most of the year, a single day typically wont throw me off. Eat those potatoes (and that pie!) and run a few extra miles the following week. No problem baby.

No... BIG problem WITH baby! I forget that when I'm pregnant my body hoards calories. This is normal, the body is preparing to breastfeed and is storing up fat, but when it comes to storing my body is an over achiever. If there was a fat storing olympics I'd take gold. But this weekend I really thought I could eat candy, pizza and cupcakes on Milo's birthday and just add a couple workouts and I would see little change on the scale. Oh silly me.

This week I worked out five days instead of three, an hour a day. I ran eight miles and went to bootcamp and a sculpt class. I drank lots of fluids and ate healthy, though I did have Mexican food one night. I prepared myself for a small gain, but I nearly fell off the scale when I saw a FIVE pound gain! FIVE! That's from 189 on Saturday, to 194 today. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Now technically I should have gained 10-13 pounds so far in my pregnancy, but that is if I had started this pregnancy at my ideal weight (160, seems like a lot, but I have the density of a dying sun) but I started it at nearly 20 pounds more. So I'm trying to gain as little as possible and I hate seeing that scale move up even a smidge.

So, this makes me a little nervous about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I'm just going to have to just be extra strict about my workouts and nutrition, because I'm not willing to pass on the pumpkin pie. I suffer year long, I want my pie damn it. I'm going to keep up the five workouts a week for a while, I feel good and my body doesn't feel pushed by the increase.

The worst part of this is that today my wedding ring is feeling really tight. With Milo I had to stop wearing it around seven months, and it didn't fit again until I stopped breastfeeding! I just feel like I'm puffing up all over... by next week's post I may look like this...

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