Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Toro Turkey Trot - Our First Race!

On Thanksgiving I made good on my promise (to myself) to do a race! It was freezing, 29 degrees, but it was fun and super easy, belly and all! We finished much faster than I thought ad I was barely tired at the end. We decided to do another race in December, maybe a 10k! Here are some pictures from the day!

Gotta show off the belly before we go!

It's crazy cold for Salinas!

I forgot gloves for Milo. These are a little big but they get the job done!

Family shot!

Doing new things with old friends! Two of my girlfriends from high school, Kate, her son Colton, and Erin!

I noticed I wasn't the only prego runner.

Erin and her mom, Carol, pushed Milo a lot of the way. I'll have to run with them more often!

On our way back... that really wasn't so bad!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Baby II Week 22: It's a...

... post about the ultrasound where we COULD have found out if we are having a boy or girl but didn't because we are finding out on my BIRTHDAY! So we had our anatomy ultrasound on Monday and our little one is not so little. Baby is measuring in the 88th percentile and about a week and a half ahead of schedule. You know what that means? Probably another 10 pound baby. Wee! This baby looked so different in the ultrasound than Milo did. It's chunkier. Even the ultrasound tech commented on this being a chubby baby. It's funny I've just been expecting to give birth to a little Milo clone, it's funny to think this one may look different! It's exciting. Here are some ultrasound pictures for you to ooohh and aaaahh over.

The rest of the appointment went well. I guess the umbilical cord is attached to the placenta weird, so I will need more ultrasounds to make sure it won't affect my delivery. Instead of just going to the middle of the placenta, it goes through the water sac/membrane and then to the side of the placenta. It can cause bleeding issues if my water breaks where the cord is. My OB did not seem to concerned and if nothing changes, I should be able to deliver naturally.

I was unsure if I should talk to my OB about the fact that we plan to change to a different hospital and a midwife in Santa Cruz. I really like him, but not the hospital and not the other OBs in the practice, and I still intend to use him for all of my other gynecological care. I decided to be honest and I'm so glad I did. He said while he wishes I wasn't going, and that if I stayed he would do all he could to make sure I had a better birth experience this time, he couldn't ensure he would deliver the baby and believed I had some valid complaints about the way this hospital treats birth. He asked me to write about my experience for the head nurse so that hopefully they can change for the better. He also said that I can still come back and have all my ultrasounds with them, which was really important to me because their equipment is vastly superior and their tech is extremely talented, just what I want in a high risk situation like mine. I left feeling really good about my decision!

This week a gained 1 pound, so I'm up to 6 pounds gained, but I can still fit in my jeans so I'm not complaining! Oh and I'm feel baby so much more now! It's not like hard kicks, just movement. It's very cute, I love feeling it finally! And I can't believe I only have 18 weeks to go... that doesn't seem that far really!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby II Weeks 20 & 21: Ready, Set, Grow!!!

I'm crazy behind in my blogging so I'm just going to double up these weeks since they were basically the same. I'm kinda freaked out by how little this baby moves. I don't even feel it every day. I'm actually not that freaked out, hey maybe this means my attempts at growing a smaller baby are working and this baby is so small I can barely feel it? Ha, definitely wishful thinking. From the size of my belly I would say this little one will be following Milo's huge footsteps. Hopefully the lack of movement is just because we have a sleepy little baby on the way.

My weight gain evened out a bit after my last post. I went down 3 pounds soon after, which leads me to believe there was a lot of bloat involved that was just stubborn about going away. Even my wedding ring is fitting better. However, I am definitely gaining now. Those 3 pounds came back but over the course of 2 weeks, not a few days like last time. I'm comfortable with slow gains, which is supposed to be easier to lose and be a healthier way to gain. So my total gains are at 5 pounds by 21 weeks. Not bad!

Exciting news, we are going to run a 5k on Thanksgiving. Wish us luck!

Here is my 20 week belly pic!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

You Can't Bleach Kids Right?

Just when I was thinking I had nothing to blog about today, my little muse does something so disgusting you all must hear about it! This morning both Milo and I needed a shower. I hadn't washed my hair in 3 days (pretty normal for me actually) and Milo had attempted to wash his hair with banana at breakfast. So I decided to kill two dirty birds with one stone and into the shower we both went.

Milo loves tub time, and he just figured out how to put things inside of things so he was busy putting his duck into his new boat, closing the top, then opening the top, and taking the duck out about a billion times. I showered quickly, then de-banana'd his hair. I jumped out so I could quickly dry off and get in my robe before Milo decided he was so over the boat and try to get out himself.

There was maybe an inch or two of water left in the tub since I had opened the drain, but I still kept an eye on Milo as I dried and dressed. I don't even know when it happened. I didn't hear him, he didn't even seem to stop playing for even a moment... the opening and slamming closed of the boat top continued. However, Milo somehow found a moment to commit a stealth poo in the tub. Yes ladies and gentleman, my son pooped in the tub.

I knew this moment would come. I've dealt with baby poo on curtains, in buckets, in carpet, and in hair. If you think newborn poo is crazy... try toddler poo when they can take their show on the road. I knew tub poos would happen, I remember my brother doing it once (I'll let you all guess which one it was). But I was still pretty pleased with my lack of freak out when it finally happened. It was super gross, and I had an overwhelming desire to whip out the Clorox but I didn't... well... not until after Milo was clean and safely out of the tub.

Here's to hoping for no more tub poos, and that Milo never graduates to pool poos.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby II Week 19: I'll Probably Start Turning Blue Too

I don't believe in dieting on holidays. I'm good most of the year, a single day typically wont throw me off. Eat those potatoes (and that pie!) and run a few extra miles the following week. No problem baby.

No... BIG problem WITH baby! I forget that when I'm pregnant my body hoards calories. This is normal, the body is preparing to breastfeed and is storing up fat, but when it comes to storing my body is an over achiever. If there was a fat storing olympics I'd take gold. But this weekend I really thought I could eat candy, pizza and cupcakes on Milo's birthday and just add a couple workouts and I would see little change on the scale. Oh silly me.

This week I worked out five days instead of three, an hour a day. I ran eight miles and went to bootcamp and a sculpt class. I drank lots of fluids and ate healthy, though I did have Mexican food one night. I prepared myself for a small gain, but I nearly fell off the scale when I saw a FIVE pound gain! FIVE! That's from 189 on Saturday, to 194 today. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Now technically I should have gained 10-13 pounds so far in my pregnancy, but that is if I had started this pregnancy at my ideal weight (160, seems like a lot, but I have the density of a dying sun) but I started it at nearly 20 pounds more. So I'm trying to gain as little as possible and I hate seeing that scale move up even a smidge.

So, this makes me a little nervous about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I'm just going to have to just be extra strict about my workouts and nutrition, because I'm not willing to pass on the pumpkin pie. I suffer year long, I want my pie damn it. I'm going to keep up the five workouts a week for a while, I feel good and my body doesn't feel pushed by the increase.

The worst part of this is that today my wedding ring is feeling really tight. With Milo I had to stop wearing it around seven months, and it didn't fit again until I stopped breastfeeding! I just feel like I'm puffing up all over... by next week's post I may look like this...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why I'll Never Leave

It seems that the halls of every high school flow with students driven to grow up and get out of town. Most of my classmates couldn't wait to get out of Salinas. Everyone wanted to leave home, but I never did.

Salinas is easy to hate. Gang violence runs rampant. We are surrounded by fields and fertilizer. Downtown sucks. The mall sucks. The bowling alley sucks. There's no glitter, no night life, no one to see or to be seen by. Anyone who could get out, did.

Honestly, I could have left too. My grades were great and I graduated with honors, yet I didn't even apply to a university. I knew my crystal ball would reveal the less than glamorous Hartnell Community College and then Cal State Monterey Bay. Why spend a small fortune on a degree when my greatest aspiration was to be a mother and wife? My classmates told me I was crazy, but I began digging in my roots anyway.

Seven years later I would say I'm as firmly planted as one can be and quite happy. Yet, even seven years later, I still hear people talking about how much they hate Salinas. Whether they've left or stayed, this is where their roots are and will always be. I think that by hating their roots they can't help be hating a little of themselves. I don't love this town just because I was born here, it's because so much of my life has happened here, and I've loved my life. Everyday on my morning run, as I drive kids to school or pick up groceries I'm reminded of a million moments in my life. Good or bad, they've made me who I am and I embrace them. Here are some of my favorites, and why I will never leave.

When I was 14 I ditched class with my boyfriend and behind Salinas High my foot balanced on this root as I tried not to fall, and tried to not let on that this was my first real kiss.

When I was 17, the night before prom, my new, older boyfriend was racing a friend and crashed into the corner of this bank. He was upset, I wanted to make it all ok. I felt like the supportive girlfriend and it made me want to someday be a supportive wife.

When I was 20 I stood before these doors about to marry the wrong man for even more wrong reasons. A few weeks later one of my best friend's clients told her about a bad day she had been having and then, while at a stop sign, she saw a bride in a flowing white dress about to walk through these big church doors, and it made her happy. I was the bride she had seen, and now when I drive passed these doors I think of her brightened spirits and not my foolish mistake. Everything depends upon perspective.

I'm not sure if trees and pavement and leaves can be comforting, but these ones are to me. I've never been able to capture on film how beautiful this street is, especially in the fall. The trees huddle over the road, the leaves blanket the sidewalks and it just feels safe and set apart. Late at night when my ex and I had had a fight I would drive down it, some times up and down several times, and it always made me feel better. It's no mistake that I've incorporated it into my morning runs, I begin each day remembering all I've overcome and feeling like everything will always ok.

I am a very forgetful person. Taking pictures, blogging, and scrapbooking are just a few things I do in my frantic attempt to preserve the life I appreciate so much. I would never want to lose these little moments and forget the meanings they have for me. There are a million more of these nestled all over this town, and maybe to some who hate their past this would be a daily torture, but I've loved every moment of my journey, and I love reliving it in little snippets every day. I'd never want to leave them behind, and that's why I'll never leave Salinas.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Milo's First Birthday Party!

Milo and my brother, Ben, share the same birthday. Growing up, all of Ben's birthday parties were huge Halloween extravaganzas, and I don't think any of us minded. So, it only made sense that for Milo's first birthday we have a Halloween party! Milo was such a good boy, though smiles were hard to catch on camera. He gets so serious when there are either crowds of people or cameras out, and this night there were lots of both. Here are some pictures of our celebration, enjoy!

Milo in tights, getting ready to put his cow costume on!

Party time!

Mini Jack-o-lantern pizza's for the kids! Grown-ups had mini pizza's with pepperoni, pepperoni & olives, or olives and artichokes! Mmmm!

Adam almost gets Milo to smile for the camera!

A little freaked out by having a room full of people singing to him.

He refused to eat the cupcake. He was completely distracted by the frosting and spent the whole time trying to wipe it off.


Happy first birthday Milo! Hope you had fun!