Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Under One Roof

So the other night I had a panic attack while thinking about what if MySpace shuts down. Let's be honest, does ANYONE use it? Please shout out if you do so I can put you in a museum, I mean friend you (lies, museum). I was flipping out because I have over four years of blogging on there, and I would hate to lose four years of my thoughts, because I sure as hell didn't store them in my head. Ask me what happened in 2005, I have no idea. So I decided to lose an entire weekend of my life and transfer every one of those blogs (82 in all) to blogger, which I think has more of a future. This would have been much easier if I hadn't decided that it was really cool to not use capitalization for like three years. I think it did go with me, my writing style, and my love affair with stream of consciousness writing at the time (you be the judge), but it drove some people (Amy) crazy. So I went through each one and corrected them.

It was really interesting to read through my progress from newlywed, to divorcée, to party girl, to falling in love with and marrying Eric and now babies. I am so glad for it, even if sometimes I look back and think I was totally off or crazy.

I also gave my blog a face lift. Six hours of html hell, but I finally got it all the way I wanted it. I love it and best of all, now all of my blogs from 2005-2008 are here for you all to see, and protected from the unstable has-been: MySpace.

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