Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Not This Pretty ALL The Time

I didn't grow up in the city, or even in town. I grew up in the country where we left people alone and people left us alone. It took some effort to walk to a neighbor's house, so if we wanted to you'd call first to make sure you didn't make the walk for nothing. It's also polite to ask if it's a good time to drop by, for some reason I thought this was common courtesy. I know that when I'm home alone, I'm in my home zone. Pants are optional. I may have mascara under my eyes from the night before. Bra is also optional, especially when I'm breastfeeding 20 times a day. I also may be splattered with any number of bodily fluids or food products thanks to my little bundle of joy.

When we moved into town I noticed that people just kinda show up. Neighbors come by to see how we're settling in, or once I was pregnant, to ask how I was feeling. Friends show up to see the new house. It's all very nice, and very neighborly... but who are these people that just look spectacular and are ready for company 24/7?

Especially after I had Milo, I know I came off visibly flustered when people showed up, maybe a little rude at times. I always felt the need to go ahead and invite them in and say the timing was fine... but it wasn't. Who wants to be caught in their jammies with no bra, messy hair and even messier house at 2pm? Not me! But when you have a newborn sometimes those days happen, and by sometimes I mean most times. When you're caught like that, how can you be a gracious host? Five minutes ago I was breastfeeding, nearly asleep, and no I haven't brushed my teeth yet and yes that IS spit up in my hair.

What I don't understand is why people can't just call or even text first. Just give me the option to put something decent on (like pants) and make sure I don't have oatmeal on my forehead before opening the door. I love having friends over, but I don't like to be ambushed. Right now it's 10am, I've been up for 3 hours and I'm still in my robe and I'm pretty sure my bangs are sticking straight up in defiance of gravity and style. So if you knock on my door, I might hide. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just not socially acceptable right now.

It makes me wonder if every other housewife is just the picture of poise and beauty floating around their home from 8am to 8pm dusting, baking cookies and waiting for someone to show up. Maybe I need to be dropping in on everyone else to see what they look like on a random Thursday morning.


  1. You would definitely feel much better about yourself if you ever dropped my house unannounced. ;) I forgot that a maintenance guy was supposed to come this morning to fix our porch light. Then the doorbell rang, and I hopped out of my dead sleep threw on a tank (inside out), and some sweats, and ran downstairs. My hair was everywhere, my breath stank and I was not wearing a bra. Ugh! Yes it was 7 am, but this is usually what I look like all day unless I have somewhere to be. ;)

  2. This may sound weird, but I cannot get ANYthing done until I have a bra on. So if I were doing the SAHM thing, I'd definitely always have a bra on, otherwise the house would probably burn down.