Monday, October 25, 2010

If You Give a Cori a Cookie

This post is heavy on the pics, so be ye warned! :)

So the house remodel that was supposed to last a year, tops, is now in year three. I'm sure many of you were snickering quietly as I went down my extensive list of changes that we planned to make to the house, and our insane timeline, and I guess now I get the joke!

The hardest part of remodeling a house is the red light, green light stops and go's depending on how much time and money we have. When we have time (when Eric is laid off from his construction job) is when we don't have money, and when we have money he's too busy with work. Then once we finish something, it looks so beautiful, I cringe at the unfinished project beside it. So when the new windows went up, the walls had to be refinished and painted, which just didn't look right until the crown molding went up! The gorgeous new fireplace could not be surrounded by that nasty carpet (which I ripped out by myself in one day!) New doors in the whole house meant new trim and new base boards (which we still don't have) which leads to my next want: A new front door. If you give a Cori a cookie...

I am certainly not unsatisfied with what we have accomplished! As each project is "finished" (they are rarely finished, most are woven into the next) it is such a relief, and the results are rarely (if ever!) a disappointment, I just always want more! Here is my original photo blog from when we first purchased the house in January of 2008. It has pictures of all the rooms before we got our hands on them.

The room I am most proud of is our living room. In case you did not feel like following the link above, this is what it looked like when we purchased it:

Green Light!

Fireplace and ugly wood paneling: Outa Here!

Out with the oddly placed sliding door and in with new windows and French doors.

We took the bricks from the planter box to make the hearth, and used rock from the pond to fill it in. Recycle! Re-use! Save Money!

Red Light!

Do it yourself blunder! When Eric pulled out the old fireplace he removed something that was essential to the structure of the chimney so the gas fireplace company kept going back and forth which kind of fireplace insert we could have (new construction or an insert). After 6 months of being jerked around we found a structural engineer who could give us an answer: new construction.

Green Light!

Fireplace in, hearth in, fan up, walls up... slap some paint on it and order the mantel!

Red Light!

Paint fiasco! The Ace guy suggested the wrong type of primer so when Eric sprayed the paint over it ran! Tons of money and time wasted. Eric was covered in paint, and pissed, and they didn't even give us our money back for the paint/primer. Ace is NOT the helpful place!

Green Light!

New paint, new hearth, carpet out... money out!

We decide the living room is good enough and leave it be until we can afford the crown moulding. We have Milo, holidays happened, we get pregnant again and I decide I can't look at the uneven seams where the ceiling paint and wall paint collide (we were not careful, since the crown moulding would cover them).

Crown molding up! Other than the base boards, this room is done!

We have also finished the dining room, for now, when the kitchen goes in we will remove the wall on the right and put in a bar...

The nursery...

The Office (it's a mess, and needs molding/base boards)...

Our bedroom (needs molding/base boards)...

... which was supposed to be the guest bedroom but we turned our future master bedroom (was the previous owner's den) into the playroom. Here's the playroom...

So... now I want a new front door.

The paint is peeling around this one and if we get a new front door then we can finally put trim up and cover the edges of this paint. I know as soon as Milo discovers it, he will start ripping at it. One of the twins I care for already did, while she was in time out. Who knows what a new door will lead to, but I'm ok with finding out :)


  1. As long as these projects are spaced out enough it's not so bad. I remember your dad laughing at your remodeling scheduel when you laid it all out for him. He laughed, and I believe I rolled my eyes...

  2. 1) LOVE the windows and French doors in the living/dining rooms.
    2) LOVE the red accent wall in the living room and how you tied that in with the red drapes.
    3) LOVE how you used the bricks from the outside for the fireplace inside. Genious!
    4) LOVE the playroom!

  3. I am so sympathetic and empathetic and otherwise on board with this whole post. Our house is like the eternal work in progress. All of our big remaining projects are outdoors, but there are still a few finishing touches I want done inside. Right now I'm trying to scrape together some dough for a couple tubular skylights for the kitchen and possibly the living room, and we want to do recessed lighting down the hall.

    I would love to gut the kitchen, but to make myself really happy we'd have to convert to gas cooking, which isn't possible with out a bigger investment than I'm willing to make in a house I don't want to be in forever. We've done a pretty nice surface job on the kitchen, though, and it's certainly much better than it used to be.

  4. Eric - You are such a hard worker, love you!

    Kaysie - Sigh, don't yoou just LOVE red! And yeah the bricks were a great idea (I didn't come up with it) esp because what they looked like didn't matter since we covered it with that pretty tile!

    Jenna - I'm going to have to do another post on just the yard... trees ripped out, new patio, new lawn... oh and lots of new plants that are now dying. Hate plants!