Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boob Man

So today I'm wearing a super cute red lacy bra, with a stretchy black tank and a zip up.

Even when Milo was being breastfed, he was not big on grabbing at my shirt and going for the goods on his own. I'm actually quite sure he never did it. He was a pincher though, and would pinch me the whole time he would be nursing. He'd usually have one hand on my side fat and one on my boob, pinching away. Eric said he didn't blame him. LOL... thanks.

Now onto my outfit today. All morning long Milo has been crawling up to me, pulling my tank down under my bra, then crawling away like a little perverted criminal. Sometimes he'll stop long enough to play with the lace, or pinch me (which he just started again yesterday) then makes his escape. It's seriously hysterical, though I hope he out grows it before college.

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