Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby II Week 15: Someday I'll Go With The Flow

.... but not today.

First off, I'm 15 weeks, I've gained back two of the five pounds I initially lost in the first trimester. Keeping a careful eye on that scale!

Now onto me not being able to chill and go with things. With Milo I was very anxious about my doctor, the practice, the nursing staff and the hospital. There were pros and cons to sticking with my practice/hospital, and honestly there seemed to be more cons than pros. My practice is big, 6 OB's, and I don't like most of the doctors. None are pro natural, you don't know who will deliver you, the "attentive" doctors feel patronizing and the more laid back doctors feel disinterested in you. I like my doctor, but I think I've finally decided that I like him as a person, like I'd be down to go get drinks with him, but I don't know if he's right as my obstetrician. I know he would have ordered a c-section for me with Milo, and I really fear that he, or any of the other OB's will with this baby. I've decided to explore other options.

I was talking with my friend who has four children, the first two were c-sections (a failed induction, and then a scheduled one due to the fact that there are no VBACs in Monterey County), the next two VBACs at Dominican. She shared her experience and it sounded like exactly what I wanted. Bonus: I can get a certified nurse midwife at Dominican!

So, once again I'm going to leave my practice, shaking things up as I strive to achieve my natural birth. We did decide to make the move after we find out the sex of the baby, and in the meantime we can interview midwives and pro-natural OB's in Santa Cruz. We are touring both Dominican and Sutter Birth Center. I think I will miss my doctor, but I just don't see him or anyone else in the practice as someone who will help me reach this very important goal.

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