Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby II Week 14: Bumps in the Road

Though I definitely show early, now I'm finally getting a harder tummy and feeling my uterus (and baby) grow. I'm definitely squishy, I'm pretty squishy for most of my pregnancy, but I can finally feel a firm ball in my belly. Love it. No weight gained, still have that 5 that I lost in trimester one, though my jeans are feeling a bit tighter now.

Speaking of trimester one, it sucked. This time tri two is moving along so smoothly! I barely feel pregnant most of the time, though I am more tired and less motivated than usual. I did make it to the gym for a run and bootcamp. I'm going to try to be realistic with myself. I probably wont make it to the gym five days a week anymore, I'm going to have to be satisfied with three solid cardio workouts and fill in with walks. Bootcamp, kickbox, and step five days a week is just a little much for me.

My nutrition has been pretty poor. My diet has consisted of cherrios, yogurt (sometimes cherrios in the yogurt), fruit, grilled cheese and ramen. Sometimes salad when I can choke down the dressing. I tried to eat a turkey taco (something I usually love) and I almost had to spit it out. I can't eat my own cooking when I'm pregnant. It's a problem.

Last night I broke out the full body pillow for under my leg. I've been putting it off because I don't want to give up sleeping on my stomach, but I'm not sure if that will be lasting much longer. In order to be comfortable last night I needed to get on my side with my big, long pillow under my leg and head then my regular pillow under my head and neck. By the time I delivered Milo I had an intricate 4 pillow system... so it begins again.

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