Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mild-life Crisis

In 50-something days I will be 26, and then it's over. Never again will I be able to do something crazy and chalk it up to being young and stupid. I'm not saying that after 25 you are old, but you are playing for keeps. Everything before then is practice life and is pretty easy to recover from. My first divorce is barely a blip on my radar now. My drunken adventures are amusing memories but nothing more. Four years ago I could empty my bank account in a weekend and it didn't hurt much. I could go home with who ever I wanted and it was just something to laugh about the next morning. Not much hurts when you are young, at least not much hurt me. You can do all those things in the first half of your twenties and it doesn't mean much for your next 75 years, and you should be able to slip by with little judgement. However, if you're 28 and puking behind the pub, or you have $12 in your bank account on Monday because you were buying rounds, that goes against your permanent record and you are a lamer person for it.

In all reality, now that I'm married and a mother my crazy days have been long gone anyway. I'm pretty sure that even if I was still 22, getting drunk and making out with some guy in a parking lot would be frowned upon, especially by my husband. But that's not what I'm mourning here. It's the mystery of life that I feel is lost once you dig in your roots and start leaving your mark on this earth. The end of my 25th year kind of seals that for me. I know what most of my days will look like, and they'll be wonderful, but I know what to expect.

I'm glad I had my crazy years, I think I got everything I needed from them. I enjoyed them then and I like thinking about them now. I officially close the chapter next month with a small party with friends and family... but between you, me, and all of blogdom... if I wasn't pregnant I'd be bidding farewell to my youth by getting super drunk and puking behind a pub... you know, as long as we're all being honest here.

Going to wrap this up with a picture of Sienna Miller in the remake of Alfie. I went a while where I was trying to channel her look/character and this picture makes me feel very... 20 years old. Sigh... ok goodbye to you too Sienna.


  1. Dear Cori... I completely know and feel what you are going through. Maybe the fact that being a mom gave us that last push to feel like those 'great times' will never happen again... at least with such ignorance. As you and I both know... baby memories are so much more funner, cuter and a lot more clearer!
    Love your friend Kate. :)

  2. You celebrated the end of your 25th year on your 25th birthday. :) You have already been living your 26th year. Haha!

  3. Amy - The end of my last year as a 25 year old. Better? Do I need to run all my blogs by you before I publish them?