Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Costume Conflict 2010

Eric and I can't seem to agree on costumes this year. Milo's birthday party is the day before Halloween and we are having a big costume party to celebrate. Our costumes must be awesome, we're the hosts! Eric wants to be a ghostbuster, that's all he's ever wanted to be. However, the costume he wants is like $2000 and even though he says he would wear it every year, I'm pretty sure I could costume him for the rest of his life on less than that. That was Eric's only suggestion so I had to get thinking.

Two years ago we had Mario and Luigi costumes made for an Italian themed Christmas party. They did not come in time so we went as mobsters and stored the costumes once they came. I thought we could dress Milo as a mushroom and use those costumes this year. Turns out, cute Mushroom costumes are hard to come by, and honestly I don't really want to dress as a man, though I do have the belly.

We went to Walmart to check out the toddler costumes and I found a super cute lion one. Immediately I thought Wizard of Oz! I could be Dorothy, Eric could be the Tin Man and Milo could be the Cowardly Lion! Eric hated it, he did not want to be the Tin Man or the Scarecrow. Back to brainstorming.

There was also a very cute cow costume... so I thought Eric could get one of those blow up costumes where it's a cowboy riding an ostrich (they are like $25, not bad) and I could be a cowgirl or a farm girl. Eric wasn't doing back flips, then he saw a Popeye costume and wanted to be that. But I don't want to be Olive Oyl and I'm pretty sure Sweet Pea is a girl (googled it, Sweet Pea is a boy with the lamest girliest name ever).

At Party City I found a great rag doll costume for me. I was in love, I wanted it, and I was going to force Eric and Milo to be rag dolls too. It was $49, way more than what I'm down with spending, but I decided to buy it and try it on (I was not sure how my belly would look in it) then return it and get it cheaper online.

Milo's costume would be easy to make: plaid button down shirt (I can sew on the big white collar/bow/cuffs), striped socks, overalls, and then I could just buy the hat with the red yarn sticking out. Seriously, how adorable would we be!?!

I started shopping for Eric's costume and found this:

Raggedy Andy the child molester. This might be the worst costume ever. I've tried to think about how I could make it less To Catch a Predator and more like the childhood favorite toy, and I don't think it can be done. I'm not sure if grown men were meant to be rag dolls.

So now I'm stuck. I don't think I can force Eric to be something so lame, but Milo and I would make adorable rag dolls. Maybe I'll drug Eric then convince him the Raggedy Andy costume is actually his $2000 ghostbuster costume.


  1. I always find choosing costumes to be so hard! Last year my boyfriend and I were Batman and Robin (he Batman, me Robin of course). The costumes were cheap and he was able to wear the Batman costume that had big muscles. Not sure what a baby could be in that scenario? Maybe the Joker? But that's not quite as kid friendly. Hmmm...good luck!

  2. Ha. Team Hayes is being the Wizard of Oz gang for Sam's Halloween costume birthday party!

    I LOVE the mario and Luigi idea, and it would be SUPER easy to make a little toadstool costume with some felt, scissors and fabric glue! Plus, that would be the cheapest way to go!

    I have everlasting costume ideas though, and it's not like I have a hard time trying to find something that I like, I just have a hard time being decisive with all the great options!