Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby II Week 13: It's Quiet, Almost Too Quiet

Week 13, end of trimester one, the beginning of trimester two! For most the second trimester is the easy one, but last time around I was plagued with heartburn and nausea so it was no walk in the park. However, I'm feeling good about this one. Things are going well, hmmm maybe too well. *suspicious poke at belly* I've lost a total of 5 pounds since we got pregnant.

I'm not concerned. Ok maybe I am a about one thing: my blood pressure. When I went in it was 144/89, pretty high for me. My OB didn't seem concerned so I put it out of my head (lied again, I totally kept thinking about it). So when I was blindsided by crippling abdominal pains at a craft store and could barely walk (I did make it to the check out, hey, it was a sale!) I was horrified to find out via Google that abdominal pains can be associated with dangerously high blood pressure, though this is usually not until 20 weeks.

It's late at night, probably shouldn't call the OB over this, but my baby is advanced, this could be a real issue... I called my OB. I got the least friendly on in the practice, and he said just what I thought he'd say "No vaginal bleeding? You're fine, call the office tomorrow if you are still worried. These hurt much worse than the round ligament pain I experienced with Pregnancy I, but I chilled out and by the next day I was sore, but not in pain. So, long story short, I'm not dying.

In other news, we ate out like three times this week: epic nutritional fail. Pie happened, hey I'm not proud of it. Oh and I worked out once. This week is getting scratched off the calendar as the week that never happened.

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