Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby II Week 12: Zen Baby

Week 12!!! This is a big one! This is my victory lap week! *grabs flag, quick lap around the living room*

This week finds me puking eggs in the bushes, a couple pounds lighter, but over all pretty good. I don't know what it is but even the sucky parts of this pregnancy feel like cake. Last time I already could not sleep on my bloated belly, I was in maternity jeans, barely making it to the gym, my skin was itchy and my hair was dry and I was puking in CVS (ok, that's not different), but I was SO whiny about it. I know I've barely said "huuuuusband, I don't feel good" this time around, whereas last time I think I had said it a few hundred times already. Maybe the second pregnancy is easier because you know how incredibly rewarding it's going to be. Or maybe it's a girl.

Ok, ok, I know I thought Milo was a girl too... just hear me out. So we had the 12 week ultrasound that goes along with the first trimester screening and this fetus was behaving completely differently than Milo when he was just a sea monkey (which, when I look at his ultrasound pictures, kinda creeps me out). Even the tech, who I'm sure does thousands of scans a year, commented on how perfectly calm it was (I totally just typed "she" first). I decided Milo was a boy when he started beating about the uterus and cervix with his little fetus fists, and I should have expected it. On his ultrasound he looked like a skeleton dog on crack. Baby two was just floating there with its arms over its eyes, waving a hand here and there. So sweet. Ever since the ultrasound I've felt like my uterus is very peaceful. We are totally having a Zen baby.

I know this all means nothing, and if it's a boy it's going to simply be the calmest most angelic boy that has ever lived... but if it is a girl then you all remember this post! (as if I'd let you forget)

Here's my 12 week belly. No, there is no need to point and stare at my huge belly, I know it's freakishly big for 12 weeks. Also a few ultrasound pictures!

Head is on the right, body to the left.

Baby's profile, hands are over its face.

Waving a hand!

Holding its hands to its face still, we're a little shy.

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