Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baby II Week 11: The Brits'll Screw You Every Time.

I just sat down to enthusiastically write my Baby II Week 12 blog. Yeah, I know I just posted my week 10 blog, but I thought I was really behind. Week 12 is one of my favorites, it's the victory lap of your first trimester! Your risk of miscarriage after the first trimester is extremely small, so you can really start to settle in to the idea that another baby is on the way! I know 13 weeks is technically the end of the trimester, but I feel like once I'm 12 weeks, I've made it.

But then I realized I missed week 11 so I checked my calendar. "Week 12!!!" was written on it, in pen even! I counted the weeks to my due date, nope, I'm 11 weeks, where'd I get 12?

I finally figured out that it was the pregnancy app on my facebook! I love this app because it is so detailed on the progress of the fetus and has videos or the fetus each week. However, I think it's based in the UK. The woman has an English accent, and they count gestation by weeks since conception, though they also include the weeks since the last menstrual cycle (which is how OB's in the US count gestation). But the confusing part is that they count the week you are in, not the week you've completed. So this week, while I'm 11 weeks pregnant, I am in my 12th week. Though nothing has changed, I was a little bummed.

But I've got my flag already because I'm still CLOSE to the 12 week and my victory lap to week 13! You all didn't realize I had been tanning did you?

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