Saturday, August 7, 2010

Persistence Pays

The Gentry family has had a very on again, off again love affair with cloth. It's been rough, going from pockets to prefolds to wool to fitteds. Milo is a pee machine, the likes of which the cloth world has never seen before and may never see again. Many times he would pee through his diaper before I was done snapping it, we started with the absolute cutest newborn pockets ever... it was hard to give them up!

My heart was broken, I loved my ultra adorable newborn stash, but we reluctantly turned to disposables.

I couldn't give up forever though. My cloth diapering friends would talk about how much they were saving and I would be jealous and try again. After researching and asking other mothers of super soakers, we went with wool. I bought one of each style: a wrap, shorties, longies, and a soaker. I used both prefolds (those diapers you have to fold and pin) and fitteds (diapers that look like disposables and snap closed) under the wool and they worked great. Not a single leak! But after having to wash and lanolize them once, I gave up on them. I couldn't lanolize right so they kept leaking. Back to sposies.

Then Amy posted a cloth blog and shared how much she had saved and I again became motivated to make cloth work. I had already bought an impressive lot of fitteds and decided to begin using covers instead of wool. So much better! We use prefolds too, but mostly fitteds. My stash isn't nearly as cute as the newborn stash we started out with, but it works. And when we begin using them with our next little one, which should be right away since these fitteds fit babies 8 pounds to 36 pounds, it'll all be money in the bank, not in the trash.

So in all I have logged a total of 6 months as a cloth diaperer. That's $270 that has not gone into our Diaper Genie, and I'd say I've saved at least $30 by using cloth wipes so let's make that an even $300. My current stash cost me around $200 (my wipes and prefolds were all free), so that is $100 that I've made! That extra load of laundry every week doesn't seem like such an inconvenience anymore!


  1. Wait, so what kind of wraps are you using, now? When O was brand new we tried Prowraps (Proraps? I don't remember) and between that and trying to get a prefold on her tiny little bottom, we just couldn't figure it out at 3 am with no sleep.

  2. Mother Ease. I have one velcro and one with snaps.

  3. I LOVE this! I hope these continue to work, and that you can finally find your cloth diapering happy place! Plus, what a bargain! High five!