Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Crackhead of my Dreams

Today I woke up absolutely livid at Eric. Like I'm packing we're threw I hate you you've ruined my life forever!!!! kind of mad. Why? Because I dreamed he was addicted to cocaine and I have an extremely difficult time transitioning from dream life to real life.

This is not a terribly uncommon occurrence with me. I sometimes can't remember if I dreamed something happened, or if it actually did happen. Fortunately for my husband and our marriage, I realized quite quickly that this had just been another one of my really messed up dreams.

If you don't know my husband, he is the purest human on Earth. Like the kind your parents prayed you'd turn out to be, but you probably aren't. Never challenge him to a round of "I've Never," unless you are a nun, you will lose. Never smoked, never did drugs, never drank til his mid 20's, never had premarital sex, never stole anything (except once when he was really little, I think it was an eraser), is honest to a fault, and would definitely save you from a burning building (I, however, will not. Sorry). So him becoming an addicted to anything other than McDonald's is pretty low on my list of worries. Perhaps I've been naive.

I dreamed that we were in a lock-in (if you are not familiar with these, it's a church youth group event where everyone gets "locked-in" and there are games and a speaker and such) and we were on these huge stacks of workout mats, and Eric decides to do a couple lines, like it's no biggy. I flip out and call his parents (we are adults, I have Milo and am pregnant, so I don't get my logic) and tell them to come get him. They do and take him to some kind of rehab center. I visit him and ask if he's stopped and he answers by snorting another line and says he loves how much energy he has now and I should appreciate it. I'm livid, I'm packing... then I wake up. I basically woke at my most angry point so I joined the real world ready to fight. Thank God Eric was at work when I woke up otherwise I may have really confused both of us.

I'm very grateful that my husband does not do drugs, because I found out via dream today that I would not take it well. Phew.


  1. Hi, Cori,
    I'm Rose Scott. Ricky grow up with our kids at First Baptist Church, Prunedale. I was a youth leader, and I actually gave him his first guitar lessons.

    I am glad to know that I am not the only one who mixes up dreams with reality. It's been so bad sometimes, over the years, that I can stay sad or mad for hours based on what I dreamed. Silly, huh? I wonder what it says about our personalities...

    My husband Paul has been very understanding, but he has been frightened to stray too far in real life because of how violently angry, or totally distressed, I have become at some of his antics in my dreams. Weird...

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I think I told you before about my crazy dreams during my pregnancy with Jocelyn, the ones in which Brad found a new way to MURDER me every night? Yeah, talk about waking up mad (and terrified)!

    I am also very glad that Eric is not on crack. I have such a lovely opinion of both of you, and that would kind of screw it up.