Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby II Week 9: Time Traveling, Proven, Belly Bean

I was hoping I'd get to do this today, and I did! I went in for my first official appointment and second ultrasound and I got to time travel 5 days forward in my pregnancy! One minute I'm 8 weeks, 2 days and then suddenly I'm 9 weeks! So my new due date is March 31st, let the count down begin! No weight gained so far, though I have lost 2 pounds. I haven't been sick so this is probably from my workouts and eating as healthy as possible. My doctor said that it's ok to lose a little weight early in the pregnancy, so I'm not concerned. I'm still above my ideal weight so the less I gain the better!

My workouts are going great! I feel really good and am being very careful with my diet. I feel better on my runs than I did before I was pregnant, so I must be getting stronger. Still having a really hard time with meat, so getting in 80g of protein a day is a challenge. I've been eating chili (500 cal, 26g of protein) for lunch almost everyday. I've been making taco salads with ground turkey (200-250 cal, 22g protein), trying to pick healthy, low sodium soups (most around 200 cal, 15g protein), and some days I'll cheat and have a protein bar to boost my protein numbers for the day (320 cal, 32g protein, only 2 sugars). My doctor says that if I keep my sugar and carb low that I have a very good chance of avoiding gestational diabetes this time around, very encouraging news.

My OB and I discussed GD for quite sometime, but then I was quick to talk to him about our hopes for a natural birth this time around. Mainly, our goal is to avoid the GD which will take me out of the high risk pregnancy zone and allow us to worry less about going over our due date and needing an induction. I feel if we can just avoid an induction we will be fine. My doctor wants us to consider inducing before our EDD in case this is another big baby, but I let him know that is not what we want. I took this opportunity to ask him if the fact that I successfully birthed a 10 pound, 3 ounce baby vaginally means my chances that the OB I end up with (if it's not him) would be more comfortable letting me deliver another big baby were good. I know some OBs in my practice would not have allowed me to deliver Milo vaginally, so I am concerned that if I get one of those doctors this time, they will stay within their comfort zone and order a c/s. Well apparently I am what OBs refer to as "proven to 10 pounds." We know I can successfully birth a 3 month old, so I'm good. Huge weight lifted.

So here are some new pictures! The baby has a very strong heart beat. It's amazing how thrilled you can be with something that just looks like a lumpy bean, but we are. I took a belly picture so you can all see how big I am already. Let me remind you, I've lost weight! I haven't been sneaking burgers and shakes when you are all not looking (even if I would looooooove to!). My uterus is about the size of a small butternut squash, and my little belly bean is about the size of a grape. I can't believe how quickly I am approaching my 2nd trimester and the "safe zone." We have another ultrasound at 12 weeks to test for any problems the fetus may have, though it's very unlikely.

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  1. I'm a full time diabetic, and I was able to go to term, no induction, because I had really strict control over my sugars. You can do it! A lot of it comes naturally if you know how to eat well-- whole grains, no refined carbs, lots of veggies and lean protein, limited fruit (and best to be fruit with fiber, like apricots). My daughter was tiny, too, 6 lbs 3 oz, so there was no doubt in my mind or my OB's that my strict control over my diabetes was key to an easy pregnancy and healthy baby.