Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby II Week 8: Ice Ice Baby

You know, I was really sure that my body had done every gross, unpleasant, or bizarre thing a body can do during pregnancy. I had just about every sucky side effect in the book (except varicose veins and hemorrhoids, sneaked out without them!). Not true my friends!

While preggo with Milo I was hot all the time. My feet felt like they were on fire like every night. It's amazing how something like blazing feet can really mess with your sanity. Want to reminisce? Fire feet blog can be found here.

Not this time though, I must be growing a little Eskimo because he or she prefers living in an igloo to a furnace. I'm crazy cold all the time. The girl who would have been quite satisfied spending all 9 months of her last pregnancy naked, is now bundled in hoodies (hood up in the house), socks, sweats, uggs AND a down comforter. With the heat on. In August! Pretty sure this baby is going to slide out on a sled.

However, I prefer being cold to burning up so as far as I'm concerned this is a welcome change from pregnancy one!

Not much else. Eating is still a struggle but I'm doing great at keeping my sugar and bad carbs low! This time last pregnancy I was getting smoothies almost daily and downing popsicles. Lots of sugar. Hopefully this low sugar thing helps sway my body away from gestational diabetes and towards a healthier pregnancy and the natural birth we hope for!

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