Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby II Week 7: Eat Your Dinner, There's Starving Embryos in Africa!

During my 9 months off from baby growing, I convinced myself that with my next pregnancy I would be better disciplined when it came to nutrition. When I was pregnant with Milo it was hard to get enough protein because I was so picky about what I'd eat. I also never felt like cooking, so we ate out a lot. I tried to eat healthy, but with a diet very high in fruit, peanut butter, and bread (whole grain, but still) I know that I consumed more sugar than I should have. It's not like I was eating cake and soda, but my diet was not balanced and part of me feels like that had a hand in the gestational diabetes I developed at 31 weeks. So this time I told myself that I would get plenty of veggies and protein, and try to limit my fruit and bread intake. I'm strong. I'm in control! It's not like the embryo is an evil little being controlling my body as if I'm a robot!

So turns out... there is an evil little being controlling my body as if I'm a robot. Sigh. Within 9 days of discovering we were pregnant I went off milk, eggs, chicken, yogurt, my frozen weight watchers meals that I looove, most of the soups that I enjoy, and string cheese. The smell/texture of all these now disgust me... it's so frustrating! I basically want to eat plums and bread. I don't even like plums!

It takes me a little time to realize that I've gone off something. I don't have to try it, I just begin to avoid it. It's like... ideas are being put in my head: "no, not the cheese, cheese bad, peaches good" and like a zombie I bypass the cheese and eat a 4th peach, leaving the cheese lonely and moldy. Sadly, for 2 dozen eggs and a half gallon of milk, by the time I realized I was avoiding them, it was too late.

Oh the guilt! I haaate wasting food! Throwing away all those eggs and all that milk that had gone bad really upset me, and them! Just look at their sad faces! I'm adjusting what I purchase to avoid causing this much waste again, but I am still forcing myself to eat. Tonight I choked down 1/2 a chicken breast, a very serious accomplishment. I'm sure the little being inside me was screaming in horror. Better learn now baby, mommy always wins!


  1. I don't know if this will help for the future but, as far as food waste goes, eggs take a REALLY long time to go bad. Granted, I have no idea how old those eggs actually are, I'm just throwing this out there. The expiration date pretty much means nothing on eggs. The only difference is with older eggs the yolk won't be as arched when you make sunny side up eggs. I've seriously had eggs in my fridge for months at a time without issue. Just crack them into a separate bowl before using and if there's any smell whatsoever that's when you throw them out.

  2. Oh man really? I didn't know that, I trew them out a few days passed the exp date. Well, with the pregnancy and all I probably would have played it safe, but at least I could have given the eggs to a neighbor or something!

  3. I just ate eggs that were 8 days past the 'best if used by' date. If you put a raw egg in ice cold water and it sinks to the's still good. If it is bad. :)