Friday, July 16, 2010

There's a Method to the Madness...

While bedtime may be hell hour in some households, it's a relatively peaceful time in ours. We helped Milo to learn to soothe himself when he was 3 months old (via the Ferber method) and ever since Milo's evening routine has been bath, breast/bottle and bed with little to no resistance. Rocking and feeding Milo before bed is such a precious time, he's so sweet and still... the latest nightly chorus of ripping baby hairs has been an unwelcome addition to our evening.

Yes, with his eyes half closed and nursing slower and slower, Milo has taken to ripping out his own hair. Though Eric and I will look on in horror, Milo does it as soothingly as he sucks his thumb. My child is crazy... that's it, he'll never graduate college or get married and he'll probably end up homeless because he likes to rip out his own hair.

It's not often that Little Miss Know It All gets the opportunity to panic and consult a parenting book, but today I did. Turns out this is normal, horrifying, but normal (like so much of parenthood). The feeling is comforting to them (weird) like thumb sucking or nail biting. The advice given to the distraught mother who wrote in to the authors was to give her baby a toy with hair to pull, and/or cut off her daughters hair. I think the hair cutting is ridiculous, so I gave Milo a stuffed toy.

So now I'm rocking and feeding Milo, while being beaten about the head and shoulders with a stuffed frog. Screw this, the new bedtime routine will be bath, bottle and hogtie.

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