Saturday, July 17, 2010

AmyNCori VS Kiddie Kapers Parade

So Amy Hayes and her little brood were in town just in time for us to go to the Kiddie Kapers Parade, a Salinas tradition for 80 years. We wanted to scope out the floats so when we make ours next year it's better than everyone else's. We are going to start making flowers like... now. We were both in the parade as children and our children will be too... it's tradition damnit.

Anyhow, the parade was at 6:30pm so I drove down main street at 4:00pm to see if many people had claimed spots. The length of around twelve blocks was lined with folding chairs already, so I decided to grab a spot then. Two parades were planned for the evening: the Kiddie Kapers Parade, followed by the Colmo Del Parade. We had a sweet spot to see both. Score. I gave myself a Mom Point.

Fifteen minutes before parade time, Amy calls me. I tell her where I am and soon we've joined up. Ten minutes until parade time, and I'm noticing that many of the folding chairs around us are still empty. I very faint confusion simmers in my mind. Then someone says "Yeah, the Kiddie Kapers only runs from John St. to The National Steinbeck Center." GREASE FIRE! I rush to a police officer and he confirms what I just over heard. Amy loads a third child onto her double stroller and I throw our chairs into Milo's and we RUN for John St.

We had 8 blocks crowded with childen and chairs between us and the parade. We plowed our strollers over grass, curbs and toes. I passed out sorryexcuseme's generously along the way as I knocked into people. Miraculously, WE MADE IT! We got a sweet spot and were able to begin our plotting. I gave each of us another Mom Point.

Here are some pictures I took after the chaos:

I included this last one not because Milo looks beautiful in it (he totally does though) but becuase there's a really creepy mad guy in the background. This is a kid's parade, not a guy mad about his life parade. If you know this man, tell him to stay out of parades.

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  1. I am glad to be on the board finally, as far as mom points go. ;) I'll have to scan my float sketches and send them to you to see what you think. Oh, and if you can still access MySpace check this out (I have a purple one for you)...

    It's kind of like a tribute to my air force days...flight suit meets yee-haw. ;)