Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Hippie Side Rears it's Ugly Head

A couple days ago I was sitting in my living room with one of my favorite Earth friendly girlfriends catching up. She pulled her curly hair out of her ponytail and said "sorry, my hair is a mess, I stopped washing it."

A few years ago I might have been a little disgusted, but in the last year I've gotten a little green and crunchy, which sounds like a horrible disease, well maybe it is. Me and my organic soy milk and cloth diapers and herbal teas are just a joint away from hippieville. So I feel it's natural for me to be interested in a life without oppressive shampoos, and we all know nothing goes with "hippie" better than "dirty."

My friend started explaining how shampoo causes your hair to produce extra oils to compensate for the unnatural stripping that shampooing causes. So instead, you wash your hair every 4-5 days using baking soda. I have baking soda! And baking soda is cheap!

That's all the convincing I needed. I'm already fantasizing about my shiny hair blowing in the wind like it's starring in a Panteen commerical. I'm in.

But before it's beautiful, your hair has to detox. Mine's been a shampoo junky for 25 years, it can't just go off shampoo just like that. First I didn't wash my hair for 4 days, it got a little itchy, but I persevered. I was going to wait until tomorrow, but my hair was too itchy, tonight was the big night. I mixed a teaspoon of baking soda with water in a cup. I was also supposed to mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water too... but I didn't have any so I used balsamic vinegar, I decided I was doing this tonight and not having the right vinegar wasn't going to stop me.

I brushed my hair out really good, and you are supposed to get your hair trimmed before, but once again I didn't plan ahead so I chopped the ends off myself. I wet my hair and prepared to pour the baking soda mixture on. Now, I mixed this in the sink... with cold water... so when I poured it on my head it was freezing cold and I jerked the cup up and gasped, inhaling a bunch of the mixture in the process. At least it wasn't the vinegar. I rinsed and carefully poured on the freezing cold vinegar.

My hair did not like it. It matted down in protest immediately, which is supposed to be normal. It looks...ok now, a little dull and angry, and it doesn't feel super clean. Maybe this is why hippies do drugs, because their hair looks like crap. Either way, I'm now committed and am going to give this 2-3 weeks, the thought of a life without shampoo or conditioner is very appealing to me.


  1. Ew. Good luck. Haha. I love conditioner. I could never give it up. Plus, I need Selsun Blue!!!! I could honestly never wear dark colors without it. I hate paying $6/bottle for it, but it must be done.

    I fear that you might turn into a full fledged hippie one of these days, Cori! :)

  2. Oh Cori you are braver than I. I gave up conditioner a few months ago, but not sure I could ever give up the shampoo. Looking forward to hearing how this all turns out!! :)

  3. I actually CAN'T shower every day because my skin is so dry that it cracks and bleeds and I get these horrible red bumps and all kinds of fun stuff. I can't even touch some bar soaps because it eats the oil right off my fingertips and they go instantly sandpapery. It's weird. I couldn't wash my hair every day if I wanted to.