Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Because Tornadoes Need Food Too...

I have continued to struggle to produce enough breast milk for Milo, and though I have far from given up, until I have an adequate supply Milo needs to get his additional food from somewhere. He is still getting a bottle or two of formula a day (which I hope to discontinue), but our pediatrician suggested we go ahead and start the little man on solids as well. I'm not stoked... solids = more mess = more work... and who needs that?

Like so many other babies, Milo is very grabby. He wants everything in his hands all the time. He's strong and fast. One moment he is holding his bottle, eyes half closed and in his chow zone... the next he's thrown his bottle across the room and has your nostril in a death grip and is one erratic movement away from rendering one of your eyelids lashless. That chimp that ripped off that chick's face learned his moves from my son. He is not a child, he is a force of nature.

So last night we set Milo up in his Bumbo, mixed up some cereal, and headed into the eye of the storm. Oatmeal flew, bibs were ripped off, bowls were thrown to the floor... but he ate everything I offered to him. Today we set up his highchair, which was nice because I could hold his hands down and feed him. For some insane reason highchairs don't have arm restraints.

I'm going call this one a success... a messy, oatmeal in my eye, on the floor and everywhere else success.

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  1. What an adorable tornado! I keep wanting to give Sam some solids, just to see if he likes them, but then I remind myself that once I start feeding him anything other than breast milk, I will also have to start rinsing his diapers. So, my lazy butt id holding out until at least 6 months! ;)