Thursday, February 11, 2010

If I Was a Dairy Cow, I'd End Up as Hamburger.

I knew I was going be awesome at breastfeeding, not just in technique, but in production. I've got more than enough of the necessary equipment, I'm educated in how to keep a steady supply, my nutrition is excellent. I'm perfect for this.

Turns out... not so much. The first 3 months have been super easy, but now Milo is getting frustrated during feedings and I'm not sure why. I have 2 theories.

When Milo fusses I check to see how much milk is coming and it's not much, especially on my left side, which is usually pretty lazy as it is. The only time I have a good supply is if I make Milo wait a full 4 hours between his feedings, and he usually wants to eat more often than that from 4pm-10pm. More like every 2 hours. I've always read that you will produce more to meet the need of the child, but I'm not.

My other theory is that I am producing what Milo needs, but it's just coming so slow. When I do give Milo a bottle, he sucks down 8 ounces in no time at all. He's such a big baby, and he wants his food as fast as it'll come.

I'm not giving up, I'm feeding him every 4 hours (during the day, he goes through the night) and between those times I give him a bottle if he's really getting frustrated. He's getting 1-2 bottles a day. I'm not sure what else to do.

If I was a dairy cow... I'd end up as hamburger... I'm so ashamed.


  1. I actually know the answer to this one!!! We ran into the same problem and found that modern women deal with entirely too much stress on a daily basis to keep up with their child's feeding needs (not to mention this is where he's hitting a major growth spurt). What we had to start doing was giving him formula and cereal to supplement his meals. My wife decided on pumping and mixing it in with a bottle, but one of our friends chose to breast feed and give the bottle after. Either way, don't be ashamed. Just keep doing the best you can with what you've got. Even just a little breast milk is way better than none at all. :o) --- Isaac

  2. Don't worry, this is actually normal. I felt the same way when Sofia was about 3 months, but turned to my mommy group and found out how normal it really is. In the beginning, you actually tend to over produce as your body is figuring out how much your little dude needs, hence the gushing of milk. But then after 3 months your body regulates and your supply slows down. It just your body figuring things out. There are things that can slow production such as birth control, stress, diet, etc., but this is also a natural thing to. There are herbs you can use to help if you still feel like you need an extra push. (let me know if you're not familiar with them.) good luck and remember it will be ok. Milk production is constant so you'll never run out.


  3. Thanks Isaac, but breastfeeding is soooo important to me, it's not just about getting him the breastmilk but the actual bonding of breastfeeding him, I hate using a bottle. I want to breastfeed for at least a year, hopefully 18 months. I'm not really a "modern woman" since I don't work and I believe that my place is in the home with my children. I spend every minute of my day tending to Milo, not work or anything else. I'm very blessed to lead a pretty stress free life. I truly belong to the 50's <3 Oh and I hate cleaning bottles! Thanks for the suggestion though!

    Helen - Thank you! What herbs do you suggest? I was thinking of seeing a bf'ing consultant.

  4. Yeah, Helen is on to something. I saw a girl on DS yesterday talking about 'lactation cookies'. If it involves cookies, I'd think its worth looking into! :) The problem with me is begin dehydrated. I try to drink 80 ounces of water a day, and almost never succeed...but when i do, I can FEEL the difference in my boobs. Also, Sam sleeps 12-14 hours a night, So I have to make sure to pump before bed and after I wake up. I have not been keeping up on the pumping and I can feel my supply dwindling. I cried when my ducts ran dry when Jocelyn was 6 months. I want SO BADLY to avoid that from happening again. Good luck. My only advise is more water and 2/3 times a day pumping...but I'm not even sure that works. :) I just totally understand what you are going through. It sucks. :(

  5. I get up at 5-6am to either feed Milo, or pump. The only time I can pump is first thing in the morning, because throughout the day Milo never lets me build up enough to pump AND feed him. He eats sooo much... he can drain both sides and then take a 6 oz bottle. I'm drinking about 72 oz of water (crystal light actually), plus a couple diet/caffiene free sodas, milk, and sometimes a smoothie... drinking is like a fulltime job now.

  6. Cori mother's milk tea helps with production and also blessed thistle and fenugreek. Che

  7. I think you're probably onto something with the "too slow" line of thought. He's a big, hungry baby and if he gets nice and comfy with a bottle, he'll definitely get pissed off with a slow-flow boob.

    Do you think, though, that it could be teething pain? Some babies get sore gums and just have a hell of a time nursing, whereas they'll chow down on a bottle because they can just sort of gum it and gnaw on it without any repercussions. Is he chewing at all when you give him the bottle?