Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Hope Google Isn't Mafia Connected...

I've been neglecting my blog because I'm upset with Google.

If there is a Google family, I belong to it. I only use the Google search engine, I use Gmail, Blogger, Earth, Picasa and Adsense... all products of Google. If there was a Google blood oath or fire dance in the woods or koolaid, I'd take it, do it, and drink it. I'm in, and even if I wanted out I'm not sure I can get out. I hope by writing this I don't anger the Google godfather and end up at the bottom of the bay with cinder block anklets.

It started with this blog, actually. I wanted to share with everyone in my gmail contacts list, which is about 800 people. I tried to send it out to everyone, and while they received it, Google decided I was spam and made my Gmail account unusable. So as much of a pain it is, I changed my email to a different Gmail. Well, because Blogger and Adsense were connected to my previous email I had to change those over as well, but somewhere Adsense flipped out on me and how it does not register that I'm getting any clicks or views. I had over 1000 hits last month... this month, 0. And because I'm not a paying Google customer, I'm getting no help.

Google... if you can hear me... I don't want to fight anymore. You make me feel angry, but you also make me feel alive. If I have to stand outside your window with a boombox over my head... I will. Whatever it takes for you to pay attention to me*.

*Anything but money, I won't give you that.


  1. 800 contacts? Holy cow, woman! I'm trying to fund raise money for my half marathon and I only had 74 contacts in my email to send my beggar letter out to! I wish I had your connections. However, I don't wish that I had your bad Google experiences. There's nothing worse than being called 'Spam' by a machine. Hope you guys can work out your relationship issues! :)

  2. Gmail saves everyone I've ever corresponded with in a file so I sent it to that list. I don't really know everyone, but that didn't matter to me. Wait... DOES that make me spam?

  3. Advertising your blog is not spam...even if you are sending it to the email address at the Ford repair shop that once emailed you your sales receipt 5 years ago. :) Spam is unsolicited advertisements from people whom with you have never shared your email address...and who want you to buy their crack. :)

  4. Jeni - I think you need a blogger account? Not sure.