Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Hope Google Isn't Mafia Connected...

I've been neglecting my blog because I'm upset with Google.

If there is a Google family, I belong to it. I only use the Google search engine, I use Gmail, Blogger, Earth, Picasa and Adsense... all products of Google. If there was a Google blood oath or fire dance in the woods or koolaid, I'd take it, do it, and drink it. I'm in, and even if I wanted out I'm not sure I can get out. I hope by writing this I don't anger the Google godfather and end up at the bottom of the bay with cinder block anklets.

It started with this blog, actually. I wanted to share with everyone in my gmail contacts list, which is about 800 people. I tried to send it out to everyone, and while they received it, Google decided I was spam and made my Gmail account unusable. So as much of a pain it is, I changed my email to a different Gmail. Well, because Blogger and Adsense were connected to my previous email I had to change those over as well, but somewhere Adsense flipped out on me and how it does not register that I'm getting any clicks or views. I had over 1000 hits last month... this month, 0. And because I'm not a paying Google customer, I'm getting no help.

Google... if you can hear me... I don't want to fight anymore. You make me feel angry, but you also make me feel alive. If I have to stand outside your window with a boombox over my head... I will. Whatever it takes for you to pay attention to me*.

*Anything but money, I won't give you that.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

If I Was a Dairy Cow, I'd End Up as Hamburger.

I knew I was going be awesome at breastfeeding, not just in technique, but in production. I've got more than enough of the necessary equipment, I'm educated in how to keep a steady supply, my nutrition is excellent. I'm perfect for this.

Turns out... not so much. The first 3 months have been super easy, but now Milo is getting frustrated during feedings and I'm not sure why. I have 2 theories.

When Milo fusses I check to see how much milk is coming and it's not much, especially on my left side, which is usually pretty lazy as it is. The only time I have a good supply is if I make Milo wait a full 4 hours between his feedings, and he usually wants to eat more often than that from 4pm-10pm. More like every 2 hours. I've always read that you will produce more to meet the need of the child, but I'm not.

My other theory is that I am producing what Milo needs, but it's just coming so slow. When I do give Milo a bottle, he sucks down 8 ounces in no time at all. He's such a big baby, and he wants his food as fast as it'll come.

I'm not giving up, I'm feeding him every 4 hours (during the day, he goes through the night) and between those times I give him a bottle if he's really getting frustrated. He's getting 1-2 bottles a day. I'm not sure what else to do.

If I was a dairy cow... I'd end up as hamburger... I'm so ashamed.