Friday, January 8, 2010

This is Your Brain... This is Your Brain on Coupons.

For the last few months the Gentry residence has been a one income home and the pressure is on to stretch our pennies. I have never used coupons, actually I'm a complete coupon virgin. Not like, "well that one time I kinda used a coupon in the back of a car after Prom... but I'm not sure." No... no coupon use ever. But in these hard times, and with people like the CouponMom on TV making it look so freaking easy to get "free groceries," I feel like I have to try.

I'm taking baby steps. Baby step one was to start reading coupon themed blogs. That's it, that's all I could handle. I'd read about the deals, try to figure out how to achieve them, and then break out into a cold sweat, slam my lap top closed and look at something pretty and uncomplicated like my Christmas tree. You think I'm kidding. Someone claims to get $30 worth of groceries for $.75 and says something like "if you have more than 40 coupons, be sure to get a manager" and I'm expected to take note like this is A) possible, B) normal. I don't even know what 40 coupons would look like, or where to get them, or what they should say.

Baby step two has been actually clipping coupons. I honestly don't know how any of them are going to get me free groceries, I must be doing this wrong. I see how they can get me cheaper groceries, but not free. Anyhow, I have 6 coupons I'm going to take to Costco tomorrow, and I have to go to Walmart so I'm going to look online at Walmart coupons. That's going to be baby step three, using a coupon, and hopefully reaching coupon enlightenment.


  1. Cori, my sister Amanda is a coupon crazy! You have to be attentive though. When we lived overseas, the commissaries on base took coupons up to 6 months past their expiration people would mail old coupons to the family support center on base. They had gallon sized zip lock bags FULL of coupons. YOu could go in and grab a bag or two, take them home, remove all the coupons for things that you bought on a regular basis, then take the bag back. Now, let's say a box of Pop Tarts costs 2.99 and you have a $1.50 off coupon. Well, you wait until the commissary puts the Pop Tarts on sale for $1.99, then get your boxes of Pop Tarts for 49 cents each. My sister's record for money saved with coupons is like $65 in one trip, off of $200 worth of Groceries (she got them for $135). I went grocery shopping with her in Korea once. It was crazy to see the total before the coupons, and then after. I couldn't believe that coupons could save $50! Anyway, I still didn't fully convert to coupons. I should though. I can bear witness to the fact that it CAN be very beneficial! Good luck!

  2. I'm kinda failing at coupons... but at Grocery Outlet my goal is always to save more than I spend, but usually I save 50%. My typical bill is around $60-70 and I usually save $30-40. Anyhow I just clipped a ton of Target coupons... we'll see how I do.

  3. We're not good at clipping coupons for groceries because we don't get a newspaper, but we do get mailed coupons for "stuff" purchases all the time. Adam folded a big Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon in half and stapled the sides, and that is now the "coupon wallet." We put all the coupons we get in there and keep it in the diaper bag. Saving money is good stuff.