Thursday, January 21, 2010

'Cause One Baby Isn't Enough

I haven't blogged in forever, but I have a good excuse. Lately my entire world have been devoted to getting ready to start my own daycare. Daycare has just seemed to be the natural progression from nannying, since I can stay at home, but still make money with my kid chaos control skills.

So, we decided to use the room that is supposed to be our master bedroom (but we actually sleep in the guest bedroom) and turn it into a daycare room. The to-do list attached with this task was epic. Here's just a taste...

Break down and store extra bed
Move dresser which may or may not fit in new our bedroom
Find and buy toys on craigslist, since we have none
Find and buy activity table
Buy a tv stand for living room that won't kill children
Paint bathroom
Take down Christmas (I know, it was still up, embarrassing)
Find a car activity mat to cover hole in carpet
Get smoke alarms back up
Attach mirror to wall so it doesn't fall on someone
Get educational posters
Make everything super cute
Child proof everything
Clean everything

Now this is all in addition to my normal chores associated with having a baby, a husband, a dog, 2 cats, and 15 rabbits. There were some hiccups along the way, like getting our huge dresser to fit in our tiny bedroom, or finding that car activity mat that I've seen in stores a million times but is suddenly impossible to find (I finally had to drive to Gilroy to get one). I'm still child proofing. For some reason our sliding glass door was installed backwards (or something, I don't know what its problem is), so you can't stick one of those little bars on it... I know... stupid right? So I've still yet to figure out how to kid proof that.

So hopefully I can multiply the number of babies in my home by 3-4 in the next month or so, I know, I probably have a death wish.

In other news... Milo hates tummy time. He gets so pissed off at it. It's hysterical how your mind can go from "my child won't hold his head up" to "now he'll never graduate college." If I had less pride, I'd post a picture of my pathetic pancake child, but I just can't do it.


  1. Olive is the same way with tummy time. She would just put her forehead on the floor and get so PISSED. Now that she's a little bigger she gets herself into a sort of downward facing dog yoga position, gets pissed, and then drops to forehead on the floor again. She'll definitely walk before or around the same time she crawls, which will be any day now. Mobility is a powerful motivator!

  2. LOL! Eric didn't crawl. Oh and my dad, when he crawled, he crawled on his hands and feet. Weird.