Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Socks: The Bane of My Existence

I'm not easily frustrated. I may "flip out" because I'm a pretty animated person with no filter and a very sensitive pressure valve, but that deep down burning frustration that makes people throw laptops through windows and fists through walls... no, I don't care enough about anything to get that upset. However, if you are ever in my home, and see a girl-sized fist hole in my wall, you will know that the baby socks finally got to me.

Baby socks don't stay on baby feet, it's a fact all mothers must learn and accept. Every mother will forever be picking socks up off the floor, car seat, and crib to replace them over cold toes. Well, about two weeks ago Milo's socks began disappearing, just one of each pair. I figured they would show up in the wash or car, but they didn't. It wasn't a big deal until New Years Eve, when I dressed Milo in an adorable baby blue outfit and went to get some matching blue socks, of which he has four pairs, all different. You won't believe this. One of EACH pair was missing.

I flipped out.

I had Eric on a house wide sock hunt. I yelled from the baby's room "check under the couches, behind the dryer, in the car, OMG we are going to be late!" After a good 30 minutes I gave up, thought some bad thoughts, put white socks on my son and went to the party.

The thing is, when Milo kicks off his socks I always replace the fallen one, and he usually has a sleeper on over his socks anyway so... oh... wait.

When I realized this I checked the closet and felt the toes of his sleepers. Sure enough, I found a single sock in the toes of SEVEN sleepers. I went through every one in the closet all the while cursing those little socks as if they did it all on purpose and were TRYING to drive me insane.

I reunited almost every pair of socks except three. Then today, when Milo peed through his outfit at Starbucks, I pulled out a sleeper from the diaper bag. A mismatched sock was in each toe. God damn you baby socks.

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