Friday, December 31, 2010

Stick a Bow on it...

That's a wrap for 2010! This was a coasting year... just a solid, family year where we stayed home and made cute memories. We watched in amazement as Milo become more human and less baby blob, cheering him on as he picked up basic skills like pointing, eating, and walking... you know all those things that seem like magic when your baby finally does them. Oh and we got busy growing baby two. So last year was great because it was full of big trips and big changes... and this year was great because it was full of quiet family time. Not sure what next year will hold. We have at least one big trip planned, we will be having another son, I will hopefully be growing my business and who knows... maybe by the end of the year we will be growing baby number three as well. Here's to hoping! Happy New Year everyone!











Milo is 14 months old.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby II Week 26: It's Called Labor Not Picnic

Week 26! We had our 6 month appointment this week. I left pretty confused. I didn't have many questions, just one: how am I measuring? I know it's not an exact science, but I don't care, I'm curious! Well my OB measured my belly and said "28 weeks, right on track!" What??? No I'm 25 weeks and 3 days... but he didn't really say anything in response. So I guess I'm measuring big still, he didn't seem to think much of it. My blood pressure was great though, and I'm gaining at a reasonable rate so that's all good!

My vague appointment did light a little fire under me to go ahead and get that midwife I've been wanting. We decided to take the tour of the hospital we want, and then ask the tour guide what midwife/practice she personally liked and why. So glad we approached it this way! First off, the tour was amazing! Our tour of the hospital that we delivered Milo at was pretty awful. We were shown the room, where the baby would be taken to right after birth (didn't mention handing baby to mom) and then the nurse did her best to ignore questions, answer them as vaguely as possible, or respond as rudely as possible, perhaps to discourge the asking of more questions. You can relive my frustration here.

Well this was nothing like that! We met in a big conference room and were given packets of information, waters, and teddy grahams. I'm pretty much sold after the teddy grahams. The packets even had information on cloth diapering. I love these people even more. Our tour guide comes in and she isn't a nurse, but she is one of the lactation consultants and childbirth class instructors. She goes to work right away answering questions (I have quite a list already written down). I think I sighed like 20 sighs of relief. It was like she had my birth plan, and was reading from it word for word. Everything she said about birth was positive, joyful, and encouraging, and still realistic. All of these SHOULD be associated with birth! When talking about pain management, her only comment was not "don't worry, you can get an epidural" and that's it. She opened the topic with "It's called labor, not picnic" and we all laughed. I love when we can have a sense of humor about labor! She told us about all of the tools the hospital provides to help us cope with labor. Actually, it felt like a lot was centered around that: how the hospital can help the mother. I loved that! And it didn't feel fake, she had a genuine love for the miracle of birth and so did the nurses! Quite a few of the nurses actually used to be home birth midwives. When we met them we could tell they were happy to be where they were. Even with EVERY room full (it was a full moon!) and babies popping out left and right, every nurse had a smile on her face and many were joking back and forth, nothing like the unwelcome feeling we received from our first hospital.

Apart from the atmosphere of the hospital (positive, low intervention, encouraging), the facility itself was great! They have a level 3 NICU so God forbid anything goes wrong we don't have to be flown to Stanford. The NICU doctors all teach at Stanford and the nurses were trained there. The rooms are also much bigger than what we experienced before. In the recovery room you get a full sized bed, not a hospital bed, so nice! There's nothing like trying to climb in and out of one of those awful contraptions with a mattress sized pad shoved in your undies and half a dozen stitches in your pink parts.

So basically... we loved it, AND we came home with a great recommendation for a midwife! I've already had my medical records sent to her and I am anxiously waiting to hear if she will take me on!

Here are some tummy pics from Christmas day, 26 weeks. I think it looks like a photoshopped in a belly, it doesn't feel like that's me. Weird.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby II Week 25: Brainstorm on Why I'm Not Miserable

If you are pregnant, feeling awful and praying for that glorious day when you are once again a human being and not an incubator, you might want to skip this one because I feel fantastic and feel like talking about it.

When I was baking Milo I was pretty miserable by 25 weeks. I was uncomfortable, swollen, had horrible acid reflux, wasn't sleeping well, had a hard time shaving my legs or painting my toenails, had no energy, had a hard time eating anything that wasn't peanut butter and jelly, and was pretty darn close to wanting to quit. Ask Eric, I was very whiny and annoying. But right now I feel like I could stay pregnant forever and be happy as a clam, though I would like to meet my baby so I will go ahead and give birth to him, but I really feel amazing! I experience a little joint pain in my ankles and hips when I've been on my feet all day or towards then end of/after a long run, and every few days I have a flutter of heartburn, but nothing compared to last time. I should just sit back and enjoy it, but I can't help but wonder WHY I feel so different. Feel free to brainstorm with me.

It could be just because this pregnancy is different. "They" (doctors? experts? moms?) say that every pregnancy can be different and your body just responds to it differently. So that could be it I suppose, but what an unsatisfying answer.

It could be that exercising has kept me stronger and my body can better cope with the changes. Since I was working out before maybe I lost more abdominal fat around my organs so everything isn't squished and I can breathe more easily and have less heartburn. Maybe the exercise just makes me feel better about my body since I am proud of what it continues to accomplish, could be psychological.

Or it could be that after growing a 10 pound baby to term, suffering through gestational diabetes, finger pricks and insulin shots, giving birth to said 10 pound baby and somehow healing (still can't believe stuff just... fixes itself), breastfeeding, being slightly sleep deprived, then beating my body into losing 50 pounds and living through it all to not only tell about it, but want to do it again... I could just be tougher. Maybe I'm desensitized to the discomfort.

Those are my ideas. Hopefully it's not random. Hopefully if I do everything I've done so far the rest of my pregnancies are spectacular. And I know I still have 15 weeks to go and that leaves plenty of time for things to turn miserable, but I'm staying positive. And baby Ash is staying VERY active! He makes my whole belly jump and shift. He is so strong, feels so big, and is just amazing. I'm excited to find out how I'm measuring at my next appointment.

I'm up another 2 pounds this week, so I've now gained 13 pounds. And as promised, here are some belly pictures for you to enjoy! There's a bunch. I sucked it up and posted bare belly pictures. They aren't pretty, but not everything about pregnancy is.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby II Week 24: It's Not You It's Me

24 weeks! I can't decide how many months that is. I LIKE to think that is 6 months, but it's only 6 lunar months. I can't really say that I have been pregnant for 6 calendar months until January 9th. But you can bet that if anyone asks how far along I am when Eric and I run the 10k on New Years Day I'll be saying 6 months. I'll be close enough, and it sounds so much better than 5 months.

I'm behind this week because our computer got a virus and I can't blog from my phone. I'm blogging from a friend's house. So no belly pics this week but as soon as I can I'll post 24 week pics. Oh wait, I have these pictures from a party this weekend that are on my facebook, here, marvel at my hugeness...

This week I needed to prove to myself that I could actually run a 10k before I go out there and humiliate myself by falling over on the side of the road like a bloated cow. Roadkill Cori. That's kinda catchy actually... if I'm ever a wrestler I'll have to use that. Anyhow I decided to simply try to do the 5k route we did on Thanksgiving twice. It was nice and cool, a little drizzly actually, perfect running weather. I checked the time, left my cell in the car, and took off at a solid pace. I was back at the car in 35 minutes, 3 miles done. I stopped for a pee and took off for another 3. Before this I think the farthest I had ever run was 4.5 miles and that was over 4 years ago. It may have been 5. Anyhow, the trail is divided up nicely in to quarters. A road passes through the middle, then you turn around half way through, pass the road again, then you are done. So I told myself I'd at least make it to the road. Bam, done. Ok now to the end. Success. I touched the fence (like always) and jammed back, very excited to see my time! My left ankle and hip were really screaming for that last chunk but I just kept telling myself that labor will be worse than this and if I can't do this then I can't dream of doing that. It worked. 6.2 miles: Finished. I felt very bad ass.

I quickly went for my key (remote key actually, I left the actual keys in the car) and to my horror, it was not in my pocket. Slow mo freak out as I realized that it had fallen out of my pocket somewhere on the trail. No cell. No one to save me. Just had turn around and find it. I decided to jog because walking would take forever. I jogged about a mile then decided to walk in case I missed it. I should have walked right off because after walking the whole trail I finally found it at the beginning again. So I actually ended up running/jogging 7 miles and walking 2. I was hobbling by the end of it, but I'm still amazed that I could do it. Now I feel like after this pregnancy I should really be able to run a half marathon!

I made good on my promise to workout like crazy to balance the family get togethers and parties this week. Running and kickboxing mainly. Oh I do need to voice my slight annoyance at attending kickboxing and being told by multiple women that "I'm so tiny." I decided that they must just be being nice because I'm clearly not. There's nothing tiny about me right now! I don't like compliments that don't make sense. It's ok for us to talk about how huge I am. I am! I feel like I need to carry a scale around so if anyone dares to call my tiny, I can step on it and they can see the 200 pop up for themselves!

Oh yeah I can't forget that part! Even with all the exercise I still gained another 3 pounds this week, taking me up to the dreaded 200. I'm actually not that upset about it, I feel like I'm doing all I can and my body just needs to gain this much weight apparently. I'm gaining at almost the same rate as last time even with the huge changes I've made in my diet and exercise (ok, diet wasn't spectacular but it wasn't horrible!). So it's just me, and my body. I just wont be one of those women that can boast she only gained 15 pounds. I'm now already up to 11, but can I just add that my thighs still look pretty damn good!

More belly pictures soon!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby II Week 23: Oldies But Goodies.

This week our baby boy became quite the acrobat! He moves around a lot, but very gracefully, if that makes any sense. Milo was a kicker and pretty much spent the last 20 weeks of his womb time trying to bust out. Not baby Ash though. It feels like he's turning over all the time, or just stretching for a bit, then curling back up. I'm having these fantasies of him being a very cuddly baby, but if he comes out wanting to stand up and walk around like Milo did, that's ok too. It's just so fun to try to guess what he will be like!

This week felt very busy, but I don't feel like we got much done. I had daycare Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent out of the house shopping (2 Marshalls, 2 Goodwills, 1 Ross, 1 Salvation Army, 1 random thrift shop, Savers, Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Sears trying to find ugly Christmas sweaters for Eric and I), and Friday I had daycare again plus we put lights on the house and got our tree decorated. What didn't happen was cooking healthy meals at home and working out. We ate out almost every day. Result: 2 pound gain this week. But more importantly, I just didn't feel as great as I had been feeling. With Christmas parties and family get togethers we've been having more sweets (peppermint cheesecake is my new love) and other delicious but not nutritious party food. This week we have 2 family dinners and 2 Christmas parties so I'm going to make sure I at least workout a little every day. I've been sick so I haven't wanted to, but even if it's just walking that's better than nothing! Anyhow, total gains are now up to 8 pounds.

This week I also had to come to terms with the fact that my pre-pregnancy jeans just do not fit. Yes I can button them, but that doesn't make it right. They are so tight, I'm sure if I tried to wear them much longer Ash would be born with a belt mark across his head. So, maternity jeans, we meet again.

Oh and heartburn, my old friend! It's back but not quite as bad as before. Or maybe it's just not as bad because as a women that has carried a watermelon to term, pushed it out of her body, suffered through the healing while breastfeeding a biter, I've learned to cope with a certain level of discomfort. Either way, I'm not popping Pepcids 24/7. Most of the time I just try to power through it.

So it seems my pregnancy is in full swing. All my old faves are back: weight gain, fatigue, maternity jeans, heartburn... it's like a family reunion where you don't like anyone at the party! Whoohoo!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cori's Super Cool 26th Birthday!

Honestly, one of my best birthdays yet! I got to see some of my favorite people, eat some of my favorite food (egg rolls made by my mom), and I got a HUGE birthday surprise! I'm not easy to surprise, I usually figure things out, but not this time! Getting to find out if we were having a little boy or girl via a blue or pink cake was really spectacular! I've shared that that was the plan a few times, but to be clear, we had no idea what color the cake would be and neither did anyone else at the party. It was a huge surprise for all of us! In case you missed it, you can see the video here. Or just simply scroll down! I have tons of party pictures to share but my cake cutting pix are some of the best! Lots of photos ahead!

Milo checking out the tree. He is allowed to touch ornaments with one finger, and he's actually pretty good at keeping with the rule as long as he's being watched and reminded.

There's the cake!

I was afraid for my mom to put candles in it because I thought the fondant would tear and she would get a sneak peek!

The pink candle wouldn't go out so everyone was yelling it was a girl!

Only one way to find out!

It's BLUE!!!! We are having another little boy!!!

It took a moment to sink in because we were all sure we'd be seeing pink! We are still so thrilled though, Milo gets a baby brother! Ashley Caleb, or Ash! Good thing I haven't even packed up Milo's baby clothes!

Family picture! Hmmm... maybe even a potential Christmas card picture, Milo is actually smiling at the camera!

Milo and his new love, Christmas bells!

My and MY love, Erin! This is us posing nicely.

But this is the real us!

Milo is quite the party animal, he even started stripping down! Look at those super cute thighs! He's so squishable, love it!

Milo is great at pointing out teeth, eyes, and noses... he's demonstrating on my cousin Bethany.

Well that's it! Now onto the next surprise, when will little Ash make his debut!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ok Seriously This Time: It's a....

... video! Haha I'm so mean! Here's a video of us finding out if we are having a little Ash or Lyla! Hope you enjoy it! We were SO surprised, it was so much fun! I'll do another post with more pictures from the night, I have a ton to go through still, but in the meantime I'm excited to share our happy news with you!

Blogger won't let me upload it for some reason, so check it out here!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Toro Turkey Trot - Our First Race!

On Thanksgiving I made good on my promise (to myself) to do a race! It was freezing, 29 degrees, but it was fun and super easy, belly and all! We finished much faster than I thought ad I was barely tired at the end. We decided to do another race in December, maybe a 10k! Here are some pictures from the day!

Gotta show off the belly before we go!

It's crazy cold for Salinas!

I forgot gloves for Milo. These are a little big but they get the job done!

Family shot!

Doing new things with old friends! Two of my girlfriends from high school, Kate, her son Colton, and Erin!

I noticed I wasn't the only prego runner.

Erin and her mom, Carol, pushed Milo a lot of the way. I'll have to run with them more often!

On our way back... that really wasn't so bad!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Baby II Week 22: It's a...

... post about the ultrasound where we COULD have found out if we are having a boy or girl but didn't because we are finding out on my BIRTHDAY! So we had our anatomy ultrasound on Monday and our little one is not so little. Baby is measuring in the 88th percentile and about a week and a half ahead of schedule. You know what that means? Probably another 10 pound baby. Wee! This baby looked so different in the ultrasound than Milo did. It's chunkier. Even the ultrasound tech commented on this being a chubby baby. It's funny I've just been expecting to give birth to a little Milo clone, it's funny to think this one may look different! It's exciting. Here are some ultrasound pictures for you to ooohh and aaaahh over.

The rest of the appointment went well. I guess the umbilical cord is attached to the placenta weird, so I will need more ultrasounds to make sure it won't affect my delivery. Instead of just going to the middle of the placenta, it goes through the water sac/membrane and then to the side of the placenta. It can cause bleeding issues if my water breaks where the cord is. My OB did not seem to concerned and if nothing changes, I should be able to deliver naturally.

I was unsure if I should talk to my OB about the fact that we plan to change to a different hospital and a midwife in Santa Cruz. I really like him, but not the hospital and not the other OBs in the practice, and I still intend to use him for all of my other gynecological care. I decided to be honest and I'm so glad I did. He said while he wishes I wasn't going, and that if I stayed he would do all he could to make sure I had a better birth experience this time, he couldn't ensure he would deliver the baby and believed I had some valid complaints about the way this hospital treats birth. He asked me to write about my experience for the head nurse so that hopefully they can change for the better. He also said that I can still come back and have all my ultrasounds with them, which was really important to me because their equipment is vastly superior and their tech is extremely talented, just what I want in a high risk situation like mine. I left feeling really good about my decision!

This week a gained 1 pound, so I'm up to 6 pounds gained, but I can still fit in my jeans so I'm not complaining! Oh and I'm feel baby so much more now! It's not like hard kicks, just movement. It's very cute, I love feeling it finally! And I can't believe I only have 18 weeks to go... that doesn't seem that far really!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby II Weeks 20 & 21: Ready, Set, Grow!!!

I'm crazy behind in my blogging so I'm just going to double up these weeks since they were basically the same. I'm kinda freaked out by how little this baby moves. I don't even feel it every day. I'm actually not that freaked out, hey maybe this means my attempts at growing a smaller baby are working and this baby is so small I can barely feel it? Ha, definitely wishful thinking. From the size of my belly I would say this little one will be following Milo's huge footsteps. Hopefully the lack of movement is just because we have a sleepy little baby on the way.

My weight gain evened out a bit after my last post. I went down 3 pounds soon after, which leads me to believe there was a lot of bloat involved that was just stubborn about going away. Even my wedding ring is fitting better. However, I am definitely gaining now. Those 3 pounds came back but over the course of 2 weeks, not a few days like last time. I'm comfortable with slow gains, which is supposed to be easier to lose and be a healthier way to gain. So my total gains are at 5 pounds by 21 weeks. Not bad!

Exciting news, we are going to run a 5k on Thanksgiving. Wish us luck!

Here is my 20 week belly pic!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

You Can't Bleach Kids Right?

Just when I was thinking I had nothing to blog about today, my little muse does something so disgusting you all must hear about it! This morning both Milo and I needed a shower. I hadn't washed my hair in 3 days (pretty normal for me actually) and Milo had attempted to wash his hair with banana at breakfast. So I decided to kill two dirty birds with one stone and into the shower we both went.

Milo loves tub time, and he just figured out how to put things inside of things so he was busy putting his duck into his new boat, closing the top, then opening the top, and taking the duck out about a billion times. I showered quickly, then de-banana'd his hair. I jumped out so I could quickly dry off and get in my robe before Milo decided he was so over the boat and try to get out himself.

There was maybe an inch or two of water left in the tub since I had opened the drain, but I still kept an eye on Milo as I dried and dressed. I don't even know when it happened. I didn't hear him, he didn't even seem to stop playing for even a moment... the opening and slamming closed of the boat top continued. However, Milo somehow found a moment to commit a stealth poo in the tub. Yes ladies and gentleman, my son pooped in the tub.

I knew this moment would come. I've dealt with baby poo on curtains, in buckets, in carpet, and in hair. If you think newborn poo is crazy... try toddler poo when they can take their show on the road. I knew tub poos would happen, I remember my brother doing it once (I'll let you all guess which one it was). But I was still pretty pleased with my lack of freak out when it finally happened. It was super gross, and I had an overwhelming desire to whip out the Clorox but I didn't... well... not until after Milo was clean and safely out of the tub.

Here's to hoping for no more tub poos, and that Milo never graduates to pool poos.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby II Week 19: I'll Probably Start Turning Blue Too

I don't believe in dieting on holidays. I'm good most of the year, a single day typically wont throw me off. Eat those potatoes (and that pie!) and run a few extra miles the following week. No problem baby.

No... BIG problem WITH baby! I forget that when I'm pregnant my body hoards calories. This is normal, the body is preparing to breastfeed and is storing up fat, but when it comes to storing my body is an over achiever. If there was a fat storing olympics I'd take gold. But this weekend I really thought I could eat candy, pizza and cupcakes on Milo's birthday and just add a couple workouts and I would see little change on the scale. Oh silly me.

This week I worked out five days instead of three, an hour a day. I ran eight miles and went to bootcamp and a sculpt class. I drank lots of fluids and ate healthy, though I did have Mexican food one night. I prepared myself for a small gain, but I nearly fell off the scale when I saw a FIVE pound gain! FIVE! That's from 189 on Saturday, to 194 today. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Now technically I should have gained 10-13 pounds so far in my pregnancy, but that is if I had started this pregnancy at my ideal weight (160, seems like a lot, but I have the density of a dying sun) but I started it at nearly 20 pounds more. So I'm trying to gain as little as possible and I hate seeing that scale move up even a smidge.

So, this makes me a little nervous about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I'm just going to have to just be extra strict about my workouts and nutrition, because I'm not willing to pass on the pumpkin pie. I suffer year long, I want my pie damn it. I'm going to keep up the five workouts a week for a while, I feel good and my body doesn't feel pushed by the increase.

The worst part of this is that today my wedding ring is feeling really tight. With Milo I had to stop wearing it around seven months, and it didn't fit again until I stopped breastfeeding! I just feel like I'm puffing up all over... by next week's post I may look like this...