Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I have the happiest baby on Earth. I am not bragging (because obviously I have nothing to do with it), this is more of a "Oh my god look at my freak child" kind of statement. Milo wakes up laughing. He giggles and smiles as I change his diaper (cold wipies and all). He even grins enthusiasticly as I pull his shirt over his big head. At work I'm used to "beat the clock" diaper changes, rushing to finish the change before baby loses his/her cool! Milo just kicks and giggles, "we can do this all day mom!" For being just 9 weeks old, he sure is a positive little guy!

I'm so spoiled by our little "smilo." If my next child is a normal baby that actually fusses when you change his or her diper, or doesn't wake up as a shining ray of sunshine, I'll probably think it's broken and attempt to return it.


  1. Thank you Qadoshyah! We adore our little Milo!

    And thank you for my first comment on my new blog!