Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009's Curtain Call

As the life slips from 2009 and we count down the beep... beep... beep...'s of it's slowing pulse while anxiously awaiting the birth of 2010, there is plenty to reflect on. As cliche as it is to say, this year really did fly by, and it's no wonder why! This was one action packed year! Here are the highlights. 2009 will be a tough act to follow!

In January I entered my first dog show, showing Prisilla in Palm Springs, CA. We went to Hawaii (my first time) with the fam and Vegas for the Punk Rock Bowl.

In February, on Valentines Day, I found out we were pregnant. I told Eric by giving him the positive test as a gift that night.

In March, on St. Patrick's Day, I was thrilled to find out that Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Kelley's Cinderella Ever After ("Ever") would be mine! Then on the 24th, my husband's band, The Adorkables, released their first full length album under Insubordination Records.

In April we got a better look at our growing baby! We also flew to Colorado where Eric's band played a show and we caught up with friends.

In May we celebrated my first Mother's Day as an almost mommy. Eric and I did a lot of jogging, hiking, and relaxing in the Cali sunshine.

In June I went on tour with the band! The boys played Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Conneticut, Massachusettes, and New Hampshire! It was exhausting but extremely exciting!

In July we went to my family reunion in Oregon and went to Disneyland to see ALL.

August was quiet. We had traveled so much in the previous months, it was time to hang out at home and grow... and grow I did!

In September and early October the world revolved around my growing belly and awaiting arrival of our son.

In October my 10 pound child, Milo Eric Gentry, finally arrived on the 28th at 3:37AM. Yes, I will bring up that I had a 10 pound child every chance I get for the rest of my life.

And November and December was spent just enjoying the holiday season as a new family!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I have the happiest baby on Earth. I am not bragging (because obviously I have nothing to do with it), this is more of a "Oh my god look at my freak child" kind of statement. Milo wakes up laughing. He giggles and smiles as I change his diaper (cold wipies and all). He even grins enthusiasticly as I pull his shirt over his big head. At work I'm used to "beat the clock" diaper changes, rushing to finish the change before baby loses his/her cool! Milo just kicks and giggles, "we can do this all day mom!" For being just 9 weeks old, he sure is a positive little guy!

I'm so spoiled by our little "smilo." If my next child is a normal baby that actually fusses when you change his or her diper, or doesn't wake up as a shining ray of sunshine, I'll probably think it's broken and attempt to return it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Something is Broken in My Brain

I've never been thin. Ever since I was 15 I've needed to put in three times the amount of gym time as my friends to achieve not nearly as good results. There have been times in my life when I've put in 15 hours a week just to see that magical "160" on the scale (the goal used to be 140, until I realized I'd have to remove a limb to achieve it). 160 is not impressive for someone running 5 miles, doing an hour of weights and then another hour of cardio. I'm only 5'4, it's insulting.

Long story short, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome last year (after 9 years of my doctor telling me I just needed more diet and exercise... thanks!) and I started to come to grips with my perpetual squishiness. My new doctor said that I have the blood work of an athlete, just not the body. Fine, I'll accept that.

Well, I think I've coped with all this pretty well, maybe too well. My current weight and goal weight haven't been close for about a year. They send each other post cards, that's how far they are from each other. It seems that my coping device has been to develop the opposite of body dysmorphic disorder. I look in the mirror and, yeah, it's not amazing, but I think I'm ok. Well then I go shopping and nothing that I pick up fits, not even close. It's messing with my head! I can't even dress myself. Oh then I go to the gym, and I want to make fun of the super fat chick trying to do step... then I realize it's me.

Where ever that wire in my brain that goes from how I think I look (old me), to how I know I look (new me) is, it's broken. Or maybe it's just my brain protecting me from reality. I'm ok with that too.