Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mommyhood 3 Weeks In

Milo is 3 weeks old now, and I guess you all deserve an update on how things are going. I did promise to continue blogs, after all. I don't want to make myself out to be a liar.

I have always been thoroughly annoyed by people who, when finding out we were expecting our first, would dramatically tell us how children change everything. I've never thought becoming a mother would be an Earth shattering event for me, but what do I know, right? Well appearantly I know a lot, and I'm SO glad that I haven't had to eat my words and rolling eyes yet.

I really don't feel like my life is different so far, and I am not finding this whole motherhood gig to be a challenge. I haven't called the pediatrician or my mother needing answers about something, I haven't stared my screaming baby in the face and asked what he wanted, I just feel like I can face every challenge. Worse case scenario, I have google! I admit I do have a pretty easy baby, but even so, my life feels almost exactly the same.

Milo is truly an unusually calm baby. Not much bothers him. He sleeps through everything (even band practice), rarely cries at bath time, and sleep for 3-4 hours at a time through the night. I'm going to consider this my reward after a complicated pregnancy and a less than ideal birth.

You should all know by now that I gave birth to a giant baby, but I also gave birth to a scary strong baby. At one day old Milo could lift his head off my shoulder and hold it up. A few days after that, he was lifting it and turning it. That's the strength of a 1 month old, at birth. On his tummy he can also lift it, and when sitting on my lap he will hold it up about 1/4 of the time. Milo also aggressively pushes with his feet into a standing position if I sit him up. It's so weird to have such a strong baby! I kinda feel like we missed the whole newborn stage. Oh and I hate when mothers try to pick apart their baby's actions to try to show how "advanced" they are... that's not my point at all. I would be totally ok with my baby walking late and being chill.... but I have a feeling that wont be the case since Eric and both my brothers were early walkers. Eric never even crawled. Oh God I'm in for it...

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