Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boob High & Queen TMI

I have a confession. I am extremely jealous of women who use amazing pictures of themselves breastfeeding as their profile pictures on facebook and Myspace. It's both gutsy and gorgeous. When I'm feeding Milo I often think "If I took a picture from here what an awesome shot that would be." He looks so happy, and I wouldn't be revealing anything more than what a bathing suit would show. But for some reason I get the feeling other people aren't quite as fascinated with breastfeeding as I am. But Angelina Jolie did it so it must be cool! I'll think on it some more.

By the way, breastfeeding has been awesome. I've been really lucky and haven't been sore or experienced any pain at all. I didn't get engorged either, I never woke up with giant boulder boobs, that I was kinda bummed about. I don't know if I have super nipples or if it's because I'm VERY meticulous about making sure Milo's latch is perfect. I read a million times that any pain from breastfeeding is supposed to be from an incorrect latch, so I watched videos of correct latches and from the first time I fed Milo I would break his latch over and over until he got it right.

So we know that certain hormones are released when you breastfeed: oxytocin and prolactin. Oxytocin helps the uterus contract and prolactin is supposed to realx the mother. Well turns out how this translates for me at least, is a pretty sweet boob high. I knew that the combination of these hormones promoted bonding, but I didn't know what the felt like of course! It's so cool, it's like the butterflies you get when you really are into someone, and sometimes it makes me giggly. Even at 3am when I'm super tired and I don't want to get up I start feeding Milo and I get that rush. I know this has to be what the "bonding hormones" must feel like, because I haven't once gotten then feeling when bottle feeding. So anyhow, I'm super into the boob high.

The queen of TMI can't go another blog without including something that's... well... TMI! All I have to say is that postpartum pooping is worse than giving birth itself. Even nearly a month later it still is... I should buy stock in Colace, Exlax, and prunes.

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