Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby I Week 40 + 3 Days: Strip Tease

This is it... this is the last pregnancy blog you get. From here on out you get baby blogs... so cherish this one ok? At least until I'm pregnant again...

Week 40, and 3 days, or 5 days... depending on which OB I'm talking to. There's always been a discrepancy on the actual due date. I've gained about 40 lbs, I've been fluctuating between 38 and 40. I am very excited to see the scale start to move down again!

So on Thursday I had an appointment with my regular OB after not seeing him for 4 weeks, or 3... not sure. Anyhow, the appointment started with getting "checked" and I was 3cm, 60% effaced. He said he was touching Milo's head, which I thought was neat. Then he starts twisting his fingers and really digging. It hurt, and I knew what he was doing, I was just SO surprised he didn't ask my permission, which I explicitly told him to do before. Part way through he says "I'm stripping your membranes." That's when the doctor uses his finger to separate some of the bag of waters from the uterus, which can induce labor. I was actually going to ask him to do it, I was just surprised he didn't ask me first.

After the exam and stripping, he sat down and suggested we induce the next day, Friday, my due date. He gave me all the reasons why he advised it, but said it was ultimately my decision. When he stopped I said, "I don't want to induce now, I'd like to at least go through the weekend." He smiled and said "I knew you'd say that, that's why I was extra rough with the membrane stripping, hopefully that'll get you into labor." I thought that was funny, even if he did go against my wishes.

I had some cramping but nothing came of the membrane stripping. I had 3 days to make labor happen on my own... I was ready to try anything and everything. I just started going down the list. We were already having sex at least once a day, and I was taking Evening Primrose Oil and drinking lots of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. Oh and lots and lots and lots of walking! We tried a super spicy dinner first, then the next day I ate a whole pineapple. That didn't work either. My last resort was castor oil.

So the idea behind castor oil starting labor is pretty gross. It's a strong laxative. It causes the intestines to spasm, and since the intestines a wrapped around the uterus, the uterus gets in on the party too. Voila, labor.

I'll spare you all the details... because it wasn't that exciting (though it did yield an 8 minute video of me looking at the glass not wanting to drink the oil), but not much happened. A couple trips to the bathroom, some cramps, but no baby. I took 2 doses, nothing.

So I guess this whole induction business is gonna begin tomorrow at 6am. Not stoked, I REALLY looked forward to laboring at home. I hope that I progress quickly tomorrow, because I rather not spend forever in the hospital. We do have a good plan in place to avoid addition interventions, hopefully this goes well.

Wish me luck! I'll leave you with my last official belly shots. Crazy right?

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