Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby I Week 39: The Good, The Bad, & The Girl That Screams At Strangers

Week 39 has been pretty good to me. My feet look like they've been wrapped in dough (please see super sexy feet pictures below), but other than that, things have been good! Oh, I do have one complaint!

So apparently I have restless legs syndrome... which is a syndrome where you want to get an ax and chop off your arms and legs because they hurt SO freaking bad! It's happened a few times before, where suddenly I'm getting the worst growing pains on Earth in my arms and legs and all I can do is writhe around and cry and whimper til it stops. Nothing helps. Walking laps around the house does distract some, but not entirely, so I usually opt for the writhing and whimpering option.

Today I finally googled the symptoms and restless legs syndrome (which can occur in both the arms and legs, who knew?) matched. It can come on with pregnancy, and will go away after (thank GOD!!!).

I saw yet another OB this week, it was a great appointment. She had actually read my birth plan before entering the room and addressed it several times. Only complaint, she did say that if the baby got stuck then I couldn't push in different positions, which is disappointing, but oh well. Can't win 'em all!

I've really begun to get VERY annoyed with strangers asking about the pregnancy, I know, how cliche of me! I would have LOVED the attention 4 or 5 months ago, but now I really don't feel like talking about it! I don't want the checker at OSH's advice, I don't want the drunk chick at the Mucky Duck telling me "just have 1 girl, just have 1!" ... I just don't want to fucking talk about it!!! I've started to get a little rude about it... especially as it's been hotter... I annoy much more quickly!

Operation Get This Baby Outa Me! is going pretty well if you ask me. I'm drinking tons of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, taking 3000mg of Evening Primrose Oil orally, and I apply 1000mg to my cervix at night (and by "I" I mean Eric because seriously, there's no way I could reach), and I'm staying active with a daily routine of bouncing on my birthing ball, squats, walking, and sex. I've been having lots of contractions and cervical pain so something is working!!!

So let's hope my next blog is about Milo's arrival!!! Cross your fingers and toes!!!!

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