Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby I Week 37: Engagement Party, Hospital Tour, Tough Decisions.

Ahh late again! I'm 37 weeks I feel like every week could be the last week now, but I guess that's because it really could be!!! I've now gained 30 pounds... so I guess it's been around 2-3 pounds a week for a little while now.

I'm actually feeling REALLY good now, FINALLY! I think it's because Milo dropped this week. I can breathe again and have less heartburn. Milo's moving less, or at least I feel it less, he's so deep. My last OB appointment confirmed it, he's engaged, meaning his head is low in my pelvis and ready for blast off! I'm also 1 cm diliated, but not effaced at all yet. Hopefully with all the Evening Primrose Oil I'm taking and sitting on my birthing ball aaaall the time I will make more progress soon!!!

Eric and I took a tour of SVMH, and it did not go well. I don't trust the nurses. They seemed nice, but anytime anyone in the group brought up something about a natural delivery, you could see the nurse get tense and not want to be helpful. When I asked where I should put my birth plans, she seemed to 1/2 dismiss the question, then said "you can have one in your chart." Oh thanks, as if every nurse will be reading through it as she makes rounds. The right answer was for her to say "bring several to the nurses station" because then they can look it over ahead of time. Just for that answer, I'm going to staple them to the walls, or maybe just bring a stack to the nurses station.

I also didn't like her explaination of what happens after the birth, which was "you'll have the baby and we will take it and assess it over here and warm it up here and then put it in the crib." What? How about, "you'll have the baby, and we'll hand it to you" ...the end. This made me really nervous, because even though my OB said I can have Milo right away, I still feel like a nurse will be taking him off to a table to hurry up and do her thing and I'll be left screaming for my baby, which I WILL do if they take him and there is not a clear emergency.

Also, not a single nurse at the nurse's station could tell us which rooms had working whirlpool tubs, NOT ONE! Several said "Oh, I haven't even seen one being used." I guess unmedicated births are just that rare, lol, because in an unmedicated labor, water is an awesome tool in pain relief. We know there is a tub in room 232, so that's what we will be asking for, but no one could tell us if the jets even work, great. To make SURE we get a room with a tub, we will probably call the hospital throughout early labor and whenever they say a room with a tub is open, that's when we will go in, unless one just never opens up, which will really bug me because chances are whoever is in that room isn't even using it!

I may be worrying for nothing, but this tour was just disappointing answer after diasappointing answer, I hope we just had a bad tour guide.

So... with the whole Diabetes thing I'm having to make some super hard decisions, which sucks. All of our original plans revolved around the assumption that my pregnancy would be a normal, uncomplicated one. Now that my pregnancy is considered to be high risk, I've had to adjust what interventions I will accept and when I will accept them. This has been VERY hard because there is a lot of conflicting information, poor information, and sometimes no information at all. My OB has been bringing up that if I do not go into labor by my due date he will want to induce. That is not our wishes because with an induction, your chances of having a c-section are increased by 50%. Also, not only are contractions more painful for the mother, but they are very hard on the baby too. I can take the pain, but there's nothing my baby can do to escape the far more intense contractions, I just don't think that's fair and it's not how I want my baby to enter this world. I don't understand how mothers don't care about this!

Well at my last appointment I saw another OB (since we don't know for sure who will be on call when I'm in labor), and right away she starts talking ultrasound, induction, and c-section, AHH NO!!! It's common for OB's to try to induce GD mothers before their due date, and the first step to pressure the mother into complying is to order an ultrasound. I'm lucky MY OB has not psuhed this, I think it's science he just doesn't believe in (weight predictions that is) so having an OB I've seen only twice try to take the reins of this pregnancy bothered me. Also, it made me nervous because what if SHE ends up being the one delivering Milo, she may order a c/s only because she doesn't have the skills to assist in the delivery of a large baby. Cori does NOT approve.

So... decision one... to go through with the ultrasound. I decided not to. I let her schedule it, but after letting it worry me sick for 3 days I called and cancelled it. IF it shows the baby is big, I won't trust the information any way. It truly is bad science. However, even though it could be wrong, that information could be used to justify a c/s that I don't need and that I don't want. No good.

Decision two... to allow a chemical induction. I decided I WILL allow an induction after 40 weeks. I consulted midwifes and other natural birthing mothers who have had GD, and have done quite a bit of reading, and it does seem to be safest. I've started doing EVERYTHING possible to prepare my body for the birth and help soften my cervix so it will dilate easily, so hopefully I will not go passed my due date, but if I do, here is the plan (considering the baby is still doing very will on his non stress tests, which we get twice a week. My due date is on a Friday, I'm sure I'd go in for an appointment then. I'm sure we'd talk induction, and I'll ask to be able to go through the weekend, which I think is reasonable. Over the weekend I'd try to incude labor on my own. I've looked up some castor oil "cocktails." HOPEFULLY that would work. If not, I'd ask to get my membranes stripped on Monday... and if that doesn't work, I'd go in for a Pitocin induction on Wednesday, unless my OB lets me wait longer, but for now he hasn't said he'd give me that extra time. Originally I was going to ask for Cervadil, which is just a gel they put on your cervix, but THAT'S made of pig semen and I'm sorry, that's just gross. Hopefully since I'm already beginning to dilate and I have TONS of contractions throughout the day, an induction would go smoothly and I would need very little Pitocin to get me going. I would also ask that it was increased only at 1/2 increments, so we'll see. If I can stay involved in the induction process, I'm sure I'd feel better... but let's all hope it doesn't come to that!

Gosh sorry this is so long... I'm sure I'm the only one that cares about all this!!!

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