Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby I Week 36: Who Gave The Baby a Knife?

Week 36, just one more month to go... or maybe even less!!! I've gained 27 pounds so far, I didn't want to gain over 25, but oh well... I'm doing what I can :)

So the pregnancy Gods have pulled out all the stops in their attempt to take away all of my mobility. I already walk like a duck, on very swollen feet and ankles, but now I have 3 more awesome obstacles to overcome to just get around.

Now I'm just guessing here, but I think Milo is using the nerves that go to my legs has a hammock or something. Randomly when I'm walking or standing, I get a horrible pain in my hip joints and down my thigh, exactly like hitting your funny bone. When it hits me I have to stop moving or throw my leg tot he side a bit. It hurts super bad, and it makes me look like a malfunctioning robot.

As if this wasn't enough fun for everyone, I now have two nasty cracks in my right foot, thanks to not being able to properly lotion them as they balloon. They have been in flip flops exclusively since nothing else fits, so they've gotten very dry. I've been putting some hardcore moisturizers on 'em now... and they hurt a lot less :)

Last but not least... I think Milo has had enough and is trying to cut himself out. Usually when I get up, but sometimes if I'm just standing or walking, I get the most intense, sharp pain in my cervix. There's no moving or talking when it hits... it feels JUST like a knife. I've read conflicting information about what this is. Some say that is could be the cervix dilating some (sweet), and some just say it's the uterus growing (not buying it so much). Anyhow, no matter what it means, it hurts. I hope I remember to ask about it at my appt this week!

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