Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby I Week 34: We are Stubborn, Nesting Blows

Week 34. Another exciting number, that leaves a mere 6 weeks to go. No weight gained this week.

So I've been exercising my little butt off and adhering to the Gestational Diabetes diet perfectly and though my day time numbers are perfect, my morning numbers are still high. We decided that we would need insulin to control them... we just had to make SURE for ourselves first (we are stubborn, and distrustful of modern medicine). Now I'm getting a shot every night, but unfortunately, my morning numbers haven't changed at all. So today I have a feeling that they'll be upping my dose. Wee... this is fun!

Eric has started running twice a day, and I went with him on his midnight run (because we want to die, duh) and it was really nice. No sun or people driving that can see you (because it's not a pretty sight, I assure you!). Well towards the end of our little jog I started walking and I had the worst pain in my cervixish area, like someone stabbed me. It was just a second, then I continued home very quickly... because I had to pee. I always have to pee. Once in the bathroom I made an interesting discovery. On my tissue there was this chunk of greenish slime with a little streak of blood in it. I've never heard anyone describe it like this, but it was seriously like my vagina sneezed and had a bit of a sinus infection. I knew it was part of my mucus plug, and it was neat. Losing your plug means nothing, and since I think this was just part of it, my cervix will probably just make more... but I thought it was neat. I told Eric if I lose more I'll show him, because I'm sure he'll think it's super sexy.

So I guess I'm nesting or something. I thought my nesting would look like a busy and diligent little robin quietly getting everything together to perfect her nest. Not me. If I'm a robin, I'm the most pissed off and irritated robin ever throwing down branches and feathers where ever and yelling at Mr. Robin to paint the God damn base boards because who fucking knows when this egg is gonna hatch! For me nesting is the intense desire for it all be done, but no energy or motivation to do any of it. I'll get on a kick and get something done, then I want to fall over dead. Seriously... nesting blows...

That's it for now... I think my blogs are getting tenser and tenser... we best have this baby soon before they get out of control.

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