Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby I Week 33: Diabetes Drama II, Rolling Stones

Week 33 :) So I'm behind once again... this time because our laptop came down with a virus and I don't care to sit at our desk long enough to type a blog... my ribs get all tingly... so annoying. Um... weight update, 23 pounds gained. Where was I last week? I don't even remember.

So my pregnancy has gone from uncomfortable and a little irritating, to painful and extremely inconvenient (I know, how dare it!!!). First up gestational diabetes. Woo!

I had my first appointment with my Diabetes Dr and I don't think it went all that well. I left very skeptical of the diagnosis, and, honestly, not all that determined to follow through with the diet. I really wasn't even that clear about what the diet was... and I'm so bad about eating meals in the first place... I figured I'd just do what I could. Most of my numbers were right on, and when they DID go off, I could look at something I ate and say "Oh... it was that" and then adjust accordingly. Over all a very loosely followed the diet, not the food so much, but the eating every 3-4 hours. I almost never did the snacks.

Turns out, those snacks are kinda important. After 6 days I saw a different Dr. and she said she wanted to put me on insulin. I kinda felt blind sided. The last 6 days, I felt, was just to see where my blood sugar was at, and then if it was bad, we would try to control it with diet and exercise. I wasn't even getting that chance! I took the needles, but decided I'm going to take the diet and exercise seriously this time, because last time I TOTALLY didn't, and see if I can get by without the insulin.

So... fun times right? Oh no, it gets BETTER! I was at the house I was petsitting at and I had to pee (surprise) so I headed up stairs. All of a sudden, it was like I was literally hit by a truck. I had the most insane pain on my left side of my back, side, and abdomen. Now a lot of women respond to this with "oh wait until labor honey... hehehehe." Yeah great, but labor you work up to the pain AND I've seen lots of women laboring in videos and on baby shows and I've never seen one have to hit the floor. I couldn't even get up to grab the phone. I just laid there for a minute or so in pain until it let up enough for me to get the phone. At this point I was more super super sore than having sharp pains. Like someone has kicked me in the kidneys a 1000 times. I called Eric and by the time he picked me up I was up and about.

At first I had no idea what it could have been... I knew it wasn't labor... so I started going through my list of "things that can happen when you are pregnant" list. I remembered kidney stones as something that can happen during pregnancy. We headed home but before I could jump online to do some more research, it happened again. Super shitty. Then I went online and I was convinced this was what it was.

I went to the Dr. but unfortunately, there's not much they can do. They can't do any of the regular scans or testing since I'm pregnant... so now I've just been dealing with these occasional episodes when the little buggers decide to move, which fortunately hasn't been too often!

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