Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby I Week 32: Those God Damn Crazy EC Moms Are Kinda Making Sense!

I'm 8 months pregnant with just 8 weeks to go!!! Wait a second... gotta get up and do the snoopy dance... *snoopy dance*

Now that that's out of the way, I know it could be longer, but let me just believe it's 8 weeks because that is such a nice, little number of weeks! So awesome. No weight gained this week (thank God).

Ok so if you've been following me, you might think I'm crazy by now... "Cori's going to have her baby naturally even though there's special Dr. magic that takes all the hurt away... nutso" and "We have these nice, clean inventions called disposable diapers, but Cori wants to use icky cloth diapers with extra work... get the men in the white coats NOW!"

I shouldn't even tell you what I'm reading about now. You'll stop reading my blogs and probably won't be my friend anymore because now I'm just too damn crazy for normal society. I'm going to have to change my name and retrete into special crunchy granola mom land where people like me can't disturb normal modern moms.

I don't even want to say it, but I kinda think the Elimination Communication moms make sense. I had heard of it, and all I knew was "those moms are crazy, don't go near them, they potty train newborns!" I know, what crazy bitches right? So when I saw an EC link on Diaper Swappers I didn't even click it, just like how I wouldn't click on a Babywearing link, because they might see me and try to convert me and I think they are absolute loonies. Yeah well lets all raise a glass to the pot that calls the kettle black.

I clicked. God damnit why did I click? I LIKE hating those crazies! It's SOOO fun! Well, I did click and got reading and the theory makes sense, and seems to work. I've rejected a lot of parenting philosophies, because even if it's "natural" or "easier" or "super fucking old" it seems to be pretty proven to not be best in producing a stable, confidant child, or it just doesn't jive with what I know about infant/child/human behavior. Ok, so EC, kinda makes sense, but I bet most of you are still wondering what it all entails.

It's not potty training so much as it is helping your baby to not soil himself. The claim is that babies don't want to soil themselves (like nearly ALL other species of animals, we know a puppy won't want to soil where it sleeps, that's why crate training works) and can cue as to when they need to eliminate (most of us know that part, they make faces, squirm, etc), so instead of sitting by and letting your baby do something they don't like, you help them go in an appropriate place (potty, sink, open diaper). You pay attention to when your child is going potty, and when they do, you also "cue" them with a sound, like "ssss" or something. Very soon after, they will go when cued. The idea isn't that the baby will NEVER use a diaper, but if you are available, watch your baby so you can help them do what's comfortable and natural to them.

They also talk about how confusing it is for babies to be trained to use a diaper, even though it's not comfortable, then to be later scolded for the same behavior when mom and dad decide to potty train. I think I've just functioned under the assumption that babies were not developmentally able to tell they were going to potty soon, and therefore cue themself or respond to a cue. But so far I've been reading about these behaviors we've all seen, but are actually (being claimed to be) connected to the baby's natural instinct to keep dry.

Now I would think this was all crazy, except it works with animals. Mother animals never let their babies be in their own waste. Very young puppies can respond to cues to potty. Are puppies smarter than babies? Honestly... I don't really know.

So, am I saying I'm gonna try this? Don't know, everything I do I do after an insane amount of serious research. If I did, my goal would not to be "Diaper Free" as it is with others, but the theory seems solid, and the stories from moms are SO interesting. I think because I can relate it to the animal world, it makes sense to me. I think it would be interested to try out some of the techniques on a small scale, because unlike the parenting theories I do not approve of, I can in no way see how this would be damaging to the developing child.

Personally, I don't think I'm so crazy... though... I won't be reading my "Diaper Free" book in public.

In other news... pregnancy is really starting to get in the way of sex. I haven't decided if I'm gonna share in detail, but I want to because it's all SO funny, but I don't want to come off as tacky or TMI. Anyhow, I'll let the readers vote on this one...

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