Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby I Week 31: Diabetes Drama, Our Birth Plan

OMG. Week 31. Nuts. So I got my routine glucose tolerance test (Gestational Diabetes), for those who don't know what that is, you fast, then drink a super sweet drink, and an hour later they draw. No biggy. Well I failed, not horribly. They want your blood sugar to not be over 120, mine was 149, really bad is like 200. No not awesome. So then I have to get a 3 hour test. Call me crazy, but I thought I'd drink another drink, maybe a bigger one, then get tested 3 hours later. Nope.

They draw your blood, you drink, 1 hour later they draw again, and then again another hour later, and then again another hour later. Four draws. Ugh.

I get there, and get my first draw, drink, leave, come back from draw 2. Ok, back story: I have horrible veins. Many nurses and even doctors have failed to stick 'em. I have ONE good vein. Also, when faced with a stressful, blood related situation, I faint, have a seizure, and vomit. There is no rational reason for it, I'm not afraid of needles, this is a fear reaction associated with pain/blood that I can't control. Putting my head down, breathing, legs up... or anything like that dosn't help because it's a reaction related to my anxiety disorder. So... that known...

I had horrible bruising from my draw 4 days prior. The one arm with the good vein is now horribly bruised and painful. I still endure my first draw there, hoping the tech can get another vein for draw 2. I come for draw 2, new tech. She tells me all my bruising (since I tell her I do not bruise easily) were from bad sticks. I have a spike in anxiety, because now I'm grossed out talking about the bruise, which means I bled extra (I'm very obsessed with internal bleeding, bruises included). Then she tries my other arm. She goes through the vein, can't get it. I try to play it cool (I don't LIKE having this issue) but she and Eric both see me getting really white. She says she can TRY my hand, but she doesn't think I can finish the test. I don't think I can either. I'm on the verge of tears (it's associated with whatever reaction happens in me, I never have a good reason for the crying) and I know the rest of the attack is well on its way. I go outside so I don't have to sob infront of the other people.

The tech gets on the phone with a nurse from my Dr. office. The nurse says she has to do it any way. They go back and forth and the phone is eventually passed to Eric. At this point, the test TODAY is not possible. There's no way, I've lost it now. Eric goes back and forth with her and eventually he just ends the conversation and we leave. Later Eric talks with my doctor, and he doesn't seem to know what to do. I have 1 good vein, we are asking that we have time to just heal so we can try again with a good tech. The Dr. said he'll have to have the nurse we talked to earlier call us, because he doesn't seem to know what our options are, though he did suggest they sedate me. Awesome.

I'm not stoked about any of this. I don't want to be a problem, I want to know if I have Gestational Diabetes so it can be treated... but I also didn't want to have a seizure, because they take a lot out of me and I KNEW if I had one, there was no way they would be able to do more draws that day anyway. I know I'm so high maintenance.

On a less dramatic note! I'm huge. I've now gained around 23 pounds. I had to suffer through endless dress shopping this week. Sucked, because I'm a giant. How giant? My belly is 47 inches, and my rib cage is a horrifying 40 inches. So I basically fit in nothing. I was ready to give up on life, or make something myself... then I went to Ross in Monterey. Appearantly, fat people don't buy much formal wear there because there was a huge selection for me to choose from! I bought 2 dresses (1 for my baby shower, 1 for a wedding). One I will need to take in at the bust, it's a size 22 Wide! LOL... but it fit my belly!!! Both dresses together were less that $30. SCORE!

Our birth plan is finally done! I'm sure it'll need a few revisions... but here it is! Super open to suggestions and such. It prints out to exactly 2 pages. We know some things are repetitive, but we don't expect nurses to read it through, just glance it over (if that) so we want the important points to pop out.

Oh and Eric wanted me to add that this week I drove away with a gas nozzle still in my tank. He thinks it is somehow baby related, something about the baby making me retarded.

Gentry Family Birth Plan

Father/Coach – Eric Gentry Mother – Cori Lynn Gentry Due Date – October 23, 2009
Obstetrician – Dr. James Gilbert Pediatrician – Dr. James Brennan Hospital – Salinas Valley Memorial

Thank you for allowing us to summarize our wishes for the birth of our first child. We have prepared for a natural, husband-coached childbirth through the Bradley Method. We have educated ourselves prior to making these choices and feel that we are prepared to follow through on them. We hope that with your help, we will welcome our son, Milo, joyfully and naturally.

Labor Wishes in Stage 1
• Natural Birth – We have prepared for a natural birth, without medical and/or chemical intervention. In the case of an extreme emergency, we ask that we be given the opportunity to accept or refuse any procedure. In the unlikely event that this is necessary please consult the father/coach, Eric, not the laboring mother.

• Privacy & Atmosphere – We anticipate that a natural birth will take serious concentration by both the father/coach and laboring mother. We ask that lights are kept dim, noise is avoided, and the door closed for privacy. We ask that any unnecessary staff be turned away.

• Pain Management – Please DO NOT offer the laboring mother any form of chemical pain relief. If there is an emergency and an anesthetic is necessary, please consult the father/coach, Eric. To cope with labor, we would like to move freely, change positions, and would appreciate access to the shower and/or tub.

• IV – Unless there is an emergency, we do not want a glucose drip, or any other IV fluids administered. If an IV seems necessary, please consult the father/coach, Eric, before taking any action.

• Induction – We do not want any form of chemical induction preformed, we especially want to avoid the use of Pitocin. If induction is absolutely necessary, please allow us to try natural forms of induction before considering chemical ones.

• Prep – We do not want a routine enema or shaving.

• Vaginal Exams – We prefer minimal vaginal exams or at the mother’s request only. We prefer at no time to have membranes broken. Please consult us if it’s believed to be necessary.

• Monitoring – We prefer an external monitor be used intermittently, if it is necessary.

• Fluids – The mother would appreciate having access to fluids by mouth throughout labor.

Labor Wishes in Stage 2 & 3
• Residents & Students – As long as they do not cause any unnecessary noise or distraction, we welcome residents & students to see a natural birth in progress.

• Photography & Video – As long as is it does not interfere with the birth and there are no emergencies, we would like to have a close friend present to video tape and photograph the birth of our son.

• Episiotomy – We do not want an episiotomy, we prefer a tear. We would appreciate the doctor try perineal massage, support, and warm compresses to assist in the birth of a large baby. If after the birth, the mother has any tearing that needs stitches, please apply an anesthetic at that point.

• Pushing – The mother would like to push in the squatting or semi-squatting position, at her own pace (Mother-Directed Pushing). Please do not count out loud for her, the father/coach has been trained to coach the mother’s breathing and pushing. We also do not want a mirror.

• Birth – We want our son placed on the mother’s chest for skin to skin contact immediately after birth.

• Breastfeeding – The mother wishes to nurse her son immediately. We ask that any evaluations be done while she is holding him. We also ask that the cord not be clamped and cut until it stops pulsing.

• The Umbilical Cord – Once the cord has stopped pulsing, the father would like to cut it.

• The Placenta – We do not want the placenta, and the mother is not interested in seeing it, although the father is. If you could please allow him to see it, he would appreciate it.

• Eye Ointment – We would like eye ointment to not be applied until the end of the first hour after birth. We want erythromycin to be used, not silver nitrate.

Newborn Care
• Rooming – We would like a private room. We want all medical procedures done at bedside. We want our son to room in fulltime. If our son does need to be taken away for any reason, one or both of us would like to accompany him. We want our hospital stay to be as short as possible.

• Bottles & Pacifiers – Please do not offer any bottles to the baby without parents' notification of a medical need. No pacifiers or artificial nipples please.

• First Bath – We would like to give our son his first bath with the help and guidance of staff.

• Circumcision – We plan to have our son circumcised, we would like at least one parent present.

Thank you for taking the time to help us achieve a natural childbirth for our first baby!

That's it for this week, I'm sure I'll have more on the diabetes thing next week.

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