Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby I Week 30: Don't Mind Me... Just Hanging Out... STUCK IN THE TUB!

30 weeks... and I can't believe how huge my body is. I didn't gain any weight this week, I actually lost 1/2 a pound... but it's like everything just got wider.

I'm pretty sure it got wider while I was sitting in the tub trying to shave my legs--I can't shave them standing, my belly is in the way and I get light headed. Anyhow I got down there ok, I fit fine, I swear. By the time I had succeeded in going from buffalo back to girl, I guess my hips got wider and everything settled... and I got stuck. It was pathetic. Took a lot of grunting and twisting to escape.

I can really feel that my hips are wider though... and not with fat either. They feel like they have stretched, like my legs are farther apart. They are almost always sore too.

Oh and I guess my ribs are supposed to be spreading too. I wanted to know what was happening with my ribs because when I sit for almost any amount of time, the space where my uterus ends and my ribs begin, tingles, like it's fallen asleep. I wanted to know what was causing this and I didn't get a great answer, but I guess it just has to do with pressure on my ribs. Oh and in most things I read, it starts as tingling... and progresses to pain. Great.

Started ordering my diapers this week. They are SOOOO cute. I can't wait to use them! I hope Milo is little so he can wear all the smalls I bought for a long time. Fingers crossed!

Ok last but not least, my belly scares Eric. It moves A LOT! The whole thing shakes, bounces, and shifts from side to side while we sit on the couch. I think it's super neat, but Eric is a little freaked out. In his defense, it does look like something is about to burst out of it.

That's it on week 30! This is the final stretch, 10 weeks (or so) to go!!!

Oh and contrary to what most of the pregnancy guides say is normal, my libido is as insane as ever... which I guess is just my "normal." If it wanes, I will be shocked. Sorry "experts," I don't fit in your mold.

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