Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby I Week 29: Bigness & Loudness are Positively Correlated, One Unique Mommy Cocktail.

So I'm a week late with this one, sorry! 29 weeks finds me bigger and louder and that's about it. Weight gained: 13 1/2 pounds.

Bigger AND louder you say? Oh yes. Apparantly, as I take up more physical space in this world, I feel more entitled to my comforts and conveniences, and God help you if you get in my way. I was not a self-centered bridezilla when I got married (either time) but I basically expect seas to part for me in all my bloated glory. Amazingly, Eric really doesn't fall victim to my belly rage, it's strangers, employees at various places, or God forbid there's a fat chick with a brood of 5 (probably illigetimate) kids walking slowly in front of me in Walmart... all those brats may not be making it to adulthood.

So I'm realizing that my Mommying style truly has a split personality. Before I go into that, a disclaimer. I know everyone says I'll change my views on parenting once I'm a mom, I get it, so there's no need to say it again. However, I also think you are likely to parent like your parents parented you, even when you say you won't. For me, I have a feeling I will be raising my children the same way that I was raised because I know it produces the kind of child I hope to produce. I was birthed naturally, breastfed, cloth diapered, Ferberized, immunized, and spanked, and intend to do the same. I'm not just imitating behavior, if you know me, you know I research the hell out of everything, and you probably know my ECE experience as well. So, humor me, and lets just pretend I'm actually going to implement the techniques that I think I will :)

With that said, my parenting style split personality...

I don't know how to label the sides, but one, by today's standards, I guess is pretty hippy. The cloth diapering, natural birthing, long-term breastfeeding, stay at home mom side seems to make a lot of mom's ask if I'm going to go without electricity and indoor plumbing as well. But among the granola, Earth-loving, hippy-mommy communities that support the natural, the cloth, and the boobies... my intense disapproval for home-birthing, co-sleeping, babywearing, home-schooling, and most other principles of attachment parenting make me run from them screaming.

Yeah I don't know what to do with this. I guess I'm gonna be a super unique mommy cocktail. There will be no online forums where everyone is my friend. There's wishy-washy mom forums, working "independent woman" mom forums, and hippy mom forums... and then there's me, party of one. Oh and Amy... ok party 2... plus our kids and husbands... that's enough for us to start our own country right???

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