Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby I Week 28: The Job You Can't Quit

I'm 28 weeks, which was a number I was excited about... I have about 12 weeks to go, which sounds both manageable and overwhelming. Is that allowed? I'm gonna say yes.

Even though we are set to take maternity pics at 34 weeks, I needed a picture now for our shower invites. I had my lovlies, Heidi and Amanda, come over to take one real quick... and it turned into a little photoshoot with Amanda as director and all. OMG they did so good! I think they look professional, my girlies are SO talented!!!

So I'm very repetitive, and it takes a special man to put up with me without killing me, selling me to gypsies, or bribing a vet into debarking me. I'm not naggy, I will just pick something and say it about every day for a year. About 3 weeks after we were married I texted Eric a picture of Tucker, a 7 week old I was caring for at the time, saying "I want one." After we bought the house Eric probably heard once a week, if not more, "I want a baby." We remained on birth control for a measly 3 months after buying the house. After getting on fertility drugs my "I want a baby" pleas were pretty close to daily, not that Eric could change anything, he was giving me as much of his baby making efforts the doctor would allow :)

And it worked, go Eric. So now he gets the blissful silence of a satisfied woman? No... now every day Eric gets at some point "I want the baby out now, I'm done." I can't wait to have him, I'm thrilled about the whole thing, but I want him out where I can play with him, and where he won't give me heartburn. I love being pregnant when I'm sitting on the couch and I'm looking at my big belly and it's popping around like there's popcorn in it. But if this was a job that I could quit and get my pay now... I totally would.

So as I've mentioned before, Eric and I decided on having a natural birth. Great for us, but the whole thing might be nothing less that hell if we don't have a cooperative doctor. Well, we had our first appointment since our decision, and we had a lot to talk to our doctor about. I had my questions written down, and I was ready to go, prepared for resistance from my doctor. I think Eric was even more prepared for resistance. I think he felt like we would be shopping for a new doctor.

What a wonderful surprise! He was completely on board with a natural birth. He said "We are there to give you guidance, you don't have to do anything you don't want to." This is not the attitude I expected, and it's not particularly common from what I've heard and read. The typical Dr. response is more risk oriented, minimizing the likelihood of a happy natural birth and emphasizing the many complications we can encounter. The truth is, Dr.'s see a lot of complications, but many of those complications are medical intervention caused.

Anyhow, our doctor said that will let me decide to not be induced, with no excessive pressure to do so on his part. He said I do not have to have an IV glucose drip. He said that I can leave as soon as 6-8 hours after the birth if we are doing well, which is great because hospitals are not great places for new babies! He will also allow me to push for as long as I want, no arbitrary 2 hour limit!

My books gave me awesome sample dialogues to help me recognize when a doctor is telling me what I want to hear but being deceptive, and what kinds of answers would indicate that a doctor would a good partner in a natural birth. My doctor passed with flying colors and I'm just thrilled over it.

So the day I went in for my appointment they weighed me, almost fell off the scale I was so surprised. It said I had gained like 11 pounds since my last visit! No freaking way! I was all concerned until I got on the scale at home the next morning and a more familiar number came up. Freaking doctors and their evil scales, let's try 6 pounds gained in 5 weeks buddy, NOT 11! Psh.

More pics :)

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