Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby I Week 26: Practice Makes Perfect

26 weeks... soooo tired! Milo kicks like crazy! In bed I can inch my belly up to Eric so he can get beat up too! He is so strong. He hasn't turned over yet, so he's still kicking really low unless I lay down on my side, then he turns and starts kicking straight out more. When people randomly want to feel him kick they usually can't since he's kicking well below my belly button. Sorry guys, give us a couple weeks.

So in my studies I learned I need to be getting at least 80 grams of protein a day. For me, that's kinda hard. First off, I still have NO appetite. It's sad, I can go almost all day without eating if I let myself, and of course I don't! On top of not wanting to eat, what I do eat is usually veggies, fruit, and some bread here and there. I now feel like hunting down protein and eating is my full time job. I've been keeping quiche made, which I like, so I have that at least once a day. I drink several glasses of 2% milk a day and try to add stuff like cheddar cheese slices and peanut butter to my apple slices. Today I'm going to go try to find a high protein, whole wheat bread, that should be a good way to sneak in more protein. I'm not eating soy, so that eliminated a lot of shakes, and I'm shying from artificial sweeteners, eliminating a lot of other shakes and bars. So that means I have to actually eat my protein. I've made it to 80 grams twice this week. Lets hope for better this week!

Eric and I have done a lot more studying this week. He reads to me every night, hopefully we should be done with this last book, Husband-Coached Childbirth, this week so we can reread important areas and get practicing more. Eric is going to be a wonderful coach, he has really adopted the natural childbirth philosophy, which is so important because chances are, I'm going to fall apart (every woman does at some point in labor) and when I do, I'll need him to keep me going. While he reads to me at night I usually try to practice the relaxation techniques. Hopefully we'll be pros and this will be all second nature by the time Milo decides to introduce himself!

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