Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby I Week 23: Coasting, Gaining, Swelling.

Ok I'm SO behind on these because we've been on the east coast, Eric's band went on tour and I went along... so I missed 2 weeks worth of blogs!!!

Week 23... we're kinda coasting right now. We're just growing... but nothing new really. I've gained about 8 pounds now. My doctor said I should have gained around 20 pounds by now (that sounded high to me) and so I'm doing just fine since I had my previous weight gain to include.

One new thing, I do swell VERY easily now. It's super annoying and insane. Being on tour, we were in the car a ton, and if I forgot to make Eric stop so I could walk around every hour, my feet would just balloon. It was totally disgusting.

That's about it... almost 6 months... woo!

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