Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby I Week 27: Might Not Live to See Week 28, Sorry Guys

27 weeks, which is big! I'm officially in my third trimester (WOO!) and this also marks the beginning of my 7th month, 7th! I feel pretty accomplished, but this pregnancy thing is mostly just a waiting game, it really hasn't been that bad... I could do this 3-5 more times... no biggy. I'm now up to 12 pounds gained.

So I have this fun thing that keeps happening, where there's fluid in the my throat and I can't breath. I woke up last night literally drowning, scared the hell outa me. I made Eric get out of bed with me so I could walk around and stuff. I had had a good sized dinner, I rarely eat a full meal, and I had salad, rice, beans, and 1/4 of a tamale, more than what I would usually eat. When I woke up, the fluid wasn't acidic, but it felt like it was coming from my stomach. I decided to go try to throw up, so more wouldn't try to come drown me in my sleep. I went back to bed with lots pillows propping me up.

I looked up what this was and although it didn't burn, it sounds a lot like severe acid reflux. It can happen in pregnancy, and I do have very severe heartburn, so I'm not so surprised. But with the acid reflux, since the baby is pushing on my stomach, the acid can come up in my sleep and then be aspirated into my lungs. Nice right! So I'm gonna die drowning in my stomach juice... awesome.

The official third tri belly:

I'll probably live though... so check back next weeks blog.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby I Week 26: Practice Makes Perfect

26 weeks... soooo tired! Milo kicks like crazy! In bed I can inch my belly up to Eric so he can get beat up too! He is so strong. He hasn't turned over yet, so he's still kicking really low unless I lay down on my side, then he turns and starts kicking straight out more. When people randomly want to feel him kick they usually can't since he's kicking well below my belly button. Sorry guys, give us a couple weeks.

So in my studies I learned I need to be getting at least 80 grams of protein a day. For me, that's kinda hard. First off, I still have NO appetite. It's sad, I can go almost all day without eating if I let myself, and of course I don't! On top of not wanting to eat, what I do eat is usually veggies, fruit, and some bread here and there. I now feel like hunting down protein and eating is my full time job. I've been keeping quiche made, which I like, so I have that at least once a day. I drink several glasses of 2% milk a day and try to add stuff like cheddar cheese slices and peanut butter to my apple slices. Today I'm going to go try to find a high protein, whole wheat bread, that should be a good way to sneak in more protein. I'm not eating soy, so that eliminated a lot of shakes, and I'm shying from artificial sweeteners, eliminating a lot of other shakes and bars. So that means I have to actually eat my protein. I've made it to 80 grams twice this week. Lets hope for better this week!

Eric and I have done a lot more studying this week. He reads to me every night, hopefully we should be done with this last book, Husband-Coached Childbirth, this week so we can reread important areas and get practicing more. Eric is going to be a wonderful coach, he has really adopted the natural childbirth philosophy, which is so important because chances are, I'm going to fall apart (every woman does at some point in labor) and when I do, I'll need him to keep me going. While he reads to me at night I usually try to practice the relaxation techniques. Hopefully we'll be pros and this will be all second nature by the time Milo decides to introduce himself!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby I Week 25: I'm Gonna Give Birth Like a Cow in a Barn and That's That.

Week 25, Milo moves a lot more. That's about it on him. I, however, feel that this last weekend of intense study with Eric has completely changed the mood and atmosphere of my pregnancy. Together, we decided we are going to strive for a completely natural childbirth. Before we just wanted it, but honestly, neither of us thought we could do it. But we think we can, we just needed the tools.

Once again I'm tagging a buncha you moms because I'm very interested in your input, especially if you have had a natural childbirth, OR considered it and decided against it. Also mommies-to-be, I want to know what you are thinking of doing! No matter what, I'm interested to hear comments.

From the beginning I knew we'd use the Bradley Method, but the way I envisioned my birth story was that we would use his techniques until it was too hard, then get an epidural. Because I don't really believe an epidural poses much risk to the baby, this was an easy, guilt free decision. I hadn't read any Bradley books, just researched the basic principles online. I shied from judgemental sounding sources and mainly read the relaxation techniques, which made way more sense than Lamaze's. I didn't know much about Bradley philosophy.

I don't know if many people have had those intense moments of conviction and clarity, where they know something is the absolute, undeniable truth and they have to wonder how it took so long to come by it. I don't know, but I totally have. It was after many frustrating years of scrambling from church to church trying to extract some rational explanations from pastors, who failed miserably again and again. It was pathetic, and I lost faith, and rightly so! But when Eric introduced me to our current belief system, it answered every question and it was so clear, I couldn't believe my ears. THAT'S exactly how reading Dr. Bradley's book is... EXACTLY!

What made me want a natural childbirth in the first place was my belief that our bodies were designed to have children, so why did babies need to be cut or pulled from our bodies? This REALLY bothered me. I have watched cows calve and bitches whelp and mares foal, so why do humans require so much assistance? Imagine the chills I got when I read Dr. Bradley, who grew up on a farm, express the SAME confusion! One by one, as they arose in my mind, my questions were beautifully answered. It made so much sense! No guilt trips, no "you'll be a bad mother if you..." None of that, just information.

The main thing that has made me completely dedicate myself to having Milo naturally really had nothing to do with being safer for him, that may make me sound selfish, but I don't care. The reason was that any medical intervention will most likely prolong labor, which will most likely lead to more intervention and a tougher recovery for me. I still don't believe that epidurals are that dangerous for babies, but here's where the problem lies.

Starting with the IV. The IV can (and usually will) slow labor, because it dilutes the hormones in your blood that tells your uterus to contract. Contractions are less efficient in opening the cervix, making labor longer. The longer the labor, the high chance that the Dr. will need to give you drugs to help your labor progress, or order a C-section. Both of these interventions would have not been needed without the IV. My mom had an IV against her will for my birth, and her labor was a grueling 26 hours. For her later births she refused the IV, and they were "normal."

If I did want an epidural, of course I would need an IV. The epidural is ALSO going to make my contractions less efficient. It will keep my body from doing what it was meant to do and THAT'S why babies need to be pulled from their moms, not delivered by them. Yes I may be more comfortable at the time, but I will be trading that for more tearing, or needing to be cut, or a C-section, and a longer labor and a longer hospital stay. I want to go home as soon as possible, but I will most certainly have a longer stay and a more painful recovery if I get an epidural, I had never considered this trade off before.

I know that a natural birth will be A LOT of work, but have you met ANY mother who had medication during her birth or labor that said theirs was no work at all? I've heard moms say they didn't know how they could cope with more pain than what the endured, even with getting the drugs. The awesome thing about Bradley is that he tells you HOW to cope in a way that I just know has to work. It's what I've seen animals do time and time again. It's also what I've done when I'm in a lot of pain, like with my tattoos. Most of you tattooed moms I know will object, saying the pain is nowhere near the same and I get that! But my first tattoos I literally sobbed and freaked out the entire time, it was horrible. The first artist said he would never tattoo me again. In later ones I forced my body to relax only because I didn't want to be kicked out, and I felt more in control... in undeniable pain that was horrible every moment, but in control. I imagine labor would be similar. We will see. Either way, this is what makes sense to me. This is how I think God truly designed us to bring children into the world, and if you want to debate about Genesis 3:16 please bring it up, I do have an answer, but I have a feeling most of you don't care :)

I'll update you on what I learn as Eric and I read through our books. I do have some really funny stuff to say about one of these books, which is from 80's, but I'll save it for next time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby I Week 24: I Can't Shave My Legs... Wooo!

24 weeks... and I'm 6 months!!! Ok so I say I'm 6 months, I guess you are officially 6 months when you complete your 6th month? I think that's bullshit, I say I'm 6 months. Damn charts being all confusing and shit.

So I guess Milo is around 2 pounds now. Nice 'eh? He's very wiggly, but he can't be easily be felt from the outside yet. Eric finally felt him for the first time, but I had to lay down and he had to press kinda hard. I have a nice little layer of fat on my tummy, that's probably why, very annoying.

I can't really shave my legs anymore, it's pathetic. It takes forever and I'm so tired I have to take a nap. Bending over is SO uncomfortable, I can't breath, it's horrible. The solution: become a hippy. Just kidding! Thank God for Veet! I can bend over long enough to get the lotion on, then to wash it off. I refuse to look up whether it is safe or not because it's my only option. I'm sure it's fine.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby I Week 23: Coasting, Gaining, Swelling.

Ok I'm SO behind on these because we've been on the east coast, Eric's band went on tour and I went along... so I missed 2 weeks worth of blogs!!!

Week 23... we're kinda coasting right now. We're just growing... but nothing new really. I've gained about 8 pounds now. My doctor said I should have gained around 20 pounds by now (that sounded high to me) and so I'm doing just fine since I had my previous weight gain to include.

One new thing, I do swell VERY easily now. It's super annoying and insane. Being on tour, we were in the car a ton, and if I forgot to make Eric stop so I could walk around every hour, my feet would just balloon. It was totally disgusting.

That's about it... almost 6 months... woo!